Artwork for "South Park" Season 14 DVDs and Blu-rays


Comedy Central has released images of the artwork for the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray releases of South Park's 14th season. I don't know about you, but the show is one of the few animated shows that's managing to still deliver consistently funny episodes with the rare miss (as opposed to say Family Guy, The Simpsons, or American Dad). It could very well just be me, as I know plenty of people who remain Family Guy or Simpsons loyalists. But consider that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been keeping this up amidst preparing and launching their Broadway show The Book of Mormon, and it's all that much more impressive. South Park: The Complete Fourteenth Season Uncensored arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on April 26th. Meanwhile, the 15th season starts April 27th at 10PM on Comedy Central.

To check out the Lord Cthulhu-graced artwork, hit the jump below.



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