Music Video Spotlight: Eclectic Method


As often as we can remember to (we dare not make promises of consistency), we'll be highlighting artists that have either been recommended to us, we've stumbled across organically, or however. And, since we figure music videos give you something to entertain the eyes in your head, this is a fun way to introduce new artists to new here we go.

The issue of sampling has become a hot topic in recent years as hip hop and techno have yet to slow in their rise in popularity and yet their usage of clips from other songs ("sampling"), whether it's a few bars, a beat line, or a chorus continues unabated even in the face of copyright infringement suits. Some artists don't mind having their music sampled, and some even request it when the group responsible have proven themselves capable of great remixes. One such group is Eclectic Method and they've attracted the attention of Fatboy Slim, U2, and major film studios to make remixes of fan favorites, whether they be singles, music videos, or films.

Their work splices up a lot of great stuff, and we've included a few examples including their latest "Outta Sight" featuring Public Enemy's Chuck D.

Next up we have a great splice of The King's Speech with Lou Reed's terrific "Walk on the Wild Side". Eventually a bunch of clips of stuttering work their way in, showing how much fun Eclectic Method has with media. (Warning: The clips from The King's Speech include some of the profane language in the film, so NSFW.)

Next up is my personal favorite, seemingly inspired by the announcement of Daft Punk's creation of Tron Legacy's soundtrack, Eclectic Method put together this mashup of Daft Punk songs alongside a barrage of Tron and Daft Punk music video clips. It rekindles that excitement I had when the news of the Daft Punk/Tron Legacy collaboration was first announced.

The next one, though brief, is Eclectic Method's response to Stephen Colbert's offhand challenge to remix one of his interviews on The Colbert Report.

For our second to last video, here's there take on a mashup of The Temptations.

Finally, a tribute to Michael Jackson post-mortem with a mash-up of music videos and news clips. It's somewhat discombobulated, but a few moments shine through.

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