The "True Blood: Season 3" DVD Giveaway


HBO's hit vampire show set in Louisiana, True Blood, has served as a counterbalance to the more emo-based vampire trend of the Twilight series. It's got its own elements of camp, but audiences eat it up and it has quickly become HBO's newest powerhouse. Along with some great supernatural elements, True Blood boasts a great cast including Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Kwanten and more. On May 31st, True Blood: Season 3 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD from HBO and we've got two copies to give away. Want one of them? Keep reading to find out how you can win.

Season three finds Bill kidnapped and Sookie heading to Mississippi to find him. There she becomes entangled in a world ruled by a powerful Vampire King and the werewolves who do his bidding. Meanwhile, back in Bon Temps, new threats emerge that make previous problems seem tame by comparison. Created and Executive Produced by Alan Ball (Emmy-winning creator of HBO series Six Feet Under), the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning series is based on the popular "Sookie Stackhouse" novels by Charlaine Harris.

tbseason3dTo win, you just have to do two things:

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The contest ends on June 13th, 2011. One entry per person. Many will enter few will win. By few, we mean 2. Entry for contest must be left on the Facebook post specific to this contest, all entries left loosely on our Facebook wall will be deleted.

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