Music Video Spotlight: Jared Evan


As often as we can remember to (we dare not make promises of consistency), we'll be highlighting artists that have either been recommended to us, we've stumbled across organically, or however. And, since we figure music videos give you something to entertain the eyes in your head, this is a fun way to introduce new artists to new here we go.

To be frank, save for the video we're looking at today, there's not much to be said about the creativity in Jared Evan's music videos; they're basic pieces with him rhyming into the camera in a way anyone familiar with rap and hip hop music videos has seen time and time again. Then we have "The Light" and the difference between this music video and his others is like the difference between night and day. Both musically and visually, "The Light" has a vibrant feel that his other tracks just can't match. Fans of his traditional low-key beats and melodies laced with his lyrics will notice within the first few seconds of "The Light" that it's much more techno inspired. However, it's the visuals of the video that will make you choose the video as the best way to enjoy this track. For the music video, Jared Evan teamed up with performance painter David Garibaldi to create a portrait of Jared in time with the music.

In searching through his video repertoire, we only found one other video that strayed from Jared's otherwise straightforward music video style. "Don't Go Away" has a much different feel from his others, even "Embers" which has a similar tone but couldn't be more artistically different in execution (or cliched).

Lex Walker • Editor

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