Justice League Continues its Blu-ray Debut


It's been two and a half years since Warner Brothers released the first season of Justice League on Blu-ray, and since then they've released a complete series set in a collective tin, but for whatever reason they didn't pursue the release of other seasons in HD. Which was a shame; the series is beautifully animated with incredibly rich colors. As someone who purchased the first season on Blu-ray, it's something I revisit frequently, both because of the quality of the show and the presentation. That Warner Brothers put its Blu-ray plans for the series on hold was disappointing, I even said so when reviewing the complete series on DVD. Warner Brothers heard the call.

On July 26th Warner Home Video is releasing the second season of Justice League on Blu-ray. The HD format always made sense for this series because after the first season, they shifted to a widescreen presentation and consequently the show has always been very cinematic which has added an extra flair to its epic storytelling. Again, this show has begged for the HD treatment since day one.

While this news is great unto itself, two factors make it better: they've added a new extra feature (as the series DVD release was always light in that area) and based on how they released Superman's complete series after releasing Justice League's, here' hoping Blu-ray releases of Superman, Batman Beyond and Batman: The Animated Series are on the way.


Lex Walker • Editor

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