The Wire: The Animated Series

No, HBO hasn't gone crazy on us. Over the weekend, comic book writer and internet jesus Warren Ellis started another one of his Remake/Remodel art challenges over at his Whitechapel message board, this time urging people to imagine what a cartoon remake of The Wirewould look like. Despite all the programming that a provider like Comcast offers, it's unlikely that you'll see any of these 'toons on your cable networks any time soon.

The entry above by illustrator Paul Sizer—who apparently has never even seen the show (the dog, by the way, is meant to be Pryzbylewski the Wonder Hound)—was tweeted by Patton Oswalt and went viral, but here are some other entries from the forum.

Whiteout artist Steve Lieber decided to turn in some great Simpsons/Bongo Comics-inspired renditions of the show's memorable scenes:

User 256 wanted a futuristic version animated by French people:

And then just today, user kmcleod posted another Hanna-Barbera variation, though one with a glaring mistake that a true Wire fan would spot. Omar don't swear, yo.

UPDATE: Here's another one by The Adventures of Sigmund Freud artist Felipe Sobreiro.

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