New Trailer and Poster for "Chasing Madoff"


Bernie Madoff screwed a lot of people out of a lot of money, and while making a documentary about him isn't quite as bad as making Chapter 27 about Mark David Chapman, it's always kind of a touchy subject when you make a documentary about the exploits of criminal. How do you chronicle their wrongs without giving them additional attention or, in a way, glorifying what they did by putting it in a medium that many associate with fame and celebrity? It's a delicate line, and one that Jeff Prosserman has to walk in his documentary Chasing Madoff, a documentary about the struggle of whistleblower Harry Markopolos in exposing the Madoff scandal and bringing everything to light.

Today, the trailer for the film debuted at, check it out below.

Also, check out the poster which debuted two days ago.


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