Look My Liege, Camelot! Camelot! Camelot! (It's Only a TV Series.)


On second thought, let's not go to Camelot, it is a silly place. Instead lets watch their adventures from afar, say from the comfort of your living room couch? Such a thing is now possible thanks to the Starz series of the same name, and now that its first (and apparently only) season is available on DVD and Blu-ray, you can do so whenever you like. Some people blame Jamie Campbell Bower's depiction of Arthur as the show's downfall, while others cite some bad writing, but where it suffered in some areas it made up for them in others with the likes of Eva Green, Joseph Fiennes, and Claire Forlani in lead roles and Torchwood co-producer Chris Chibnall and The Tudors writer Michael Hirst as the driving force behind the story. The latter two offer promise enough to entice viewers familiar with Torchwood and The Tudors, so if you're among that group you might find yourself mourning the lost of a series that never had the chance it deserved once you've finished Camelot's 10-episode arc.

If you want to check out Camelot and see what you missed, we're giving away one copy on DVD. Want to win it? Keep reading to find out how.

Here's the official summary:

In the wake of King Uther's sudden death, chaos threatens to engulf Britain. When the sorcerer Merlin has visions of a dark future, he installs the young and impetuous Arthur, Uther's unknown son and heir, who has been raised from birth as a commoner. But Arthur's cold and ambitious half-sister Morgan will fight him to the bitter end, summoning unnatural forces to claim the crown in this epic battle for control. These are dark times indeed for the new King, with Guinevere being the only shining light in Arthur's harsh world. Faced with profound moral decisions, and the challenge of uniting a kingdom broken by war and steeped in deception, Arthur will be tested beyond imagination.

Here's a look at the series, just in case you were trying to gauge your own interest...

I'm pretty sure, it's nothing like this...

For a chance to win, you just have to do two things...

If you want to win, you just have to do two things...

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