The Gang Sells Their Soul for Marketing


Take Seinfeld, remove any sense of decency or a filter for content and you end up with It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The gang has put mittens on kittens, battled the Night Man, lit Sweet Dee on fire, solved the North Korea crisis, and pissed off just about anybody who isn't in their quintet of miscreants. There's really no telling what the lowest point in their television career is, but at least it's always funny and makes us glad we're not nearly the horribly depraved human beings they are. Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny Devito have made being insensitive assholes with no regard for the well-being of others funny and cool again, and for that, we salute them with a giveaway.

The sixth season of It's Always Sunny hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray on September 13th, and since we're pretty big fans ourselves, we thought we'd share the joy with two of our readers. If you're lucky, you can win one of two copies of the sixth season on DVD, and to find out how to do that, just keep reading.

From talking issues like gay marriage, to the implication of owning a boat and how it defers rape, to adding a new member of the gang (courtesy of Sweet Dee), season six is a must own for all Sunny fans. It's quite impressive how they continue to make ridiculous conversations about the mundane painfully politically incorrect. Few shows do it quite as well as It's Always Sunny.

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** Congratulations to Mesher_Dakimi and Nicholas Burt on winning our It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia DVD Giveaway **

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