Taxis Apparently Don't Respond to "Utinni!"


To celebrate the impending release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray, Fox and Lucasfilm have been doing a number of promotions and the most recent of them was dressing a bunch of little people (or maybe kids - but the body proportions suggest otherwise) as Jawas and having them trot about New York City. Now, I'm not George Lucas and thus I can't just make up random truths about the Star Wars legacy that contradict everything that's come before (am I bitter?), but I have to believe that if a Jawa on a Ronto is going to scream "Utinni!" after being startled by a speeder bike in Mos Eisley, then the fear inspired by an unending stream of taxis speeding by them should prompt a "Utinni!" every second. And, if "Utinni!" is ever given an English equivalent, I have to believe the transcript for this event was just a series of "Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Fox has released a collection of pictures from the Jawa invasion and we've included them below.






While I think New York is in desperate need of Jawas, because that would make the city experience so much cooler, I have to take issue with these Jawa costumes. The gold eyes are so high up on the black void of their faces that it just looks weird. Oh, and look at that last that Jawa hailing a cab in brown leather dress shoes? I'm all for Jawas dressing well if their salvage business is doing well, but that's just showy.

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