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Wandering from one musical outfit to another throughout his career, Gary Moore has had many highs with Thin Lizzy, going solo, and recording with artists such as Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce. Consequently, he's accumulated an impressive following over the years and musical library appreciated by most discerning music lovers. In 2010, he gave fans a terrific tour that culminated with a recorded appearance in Montreux, Switzerland where he played many favorites as well as three never-before-released tracks. About seven months later, on February 6, 2011, he died of a heart attack and the world lost an incredible and deeply soulful blues musician.

In mourning of his loss and celebration of his legacy, Gary Moore: Live at Montreux 2010 has been released as a CD/DVD combo, and we've got 3 to give away.

Gary Moore: Live at Montreux 2010 marks the very last live performance in the life of acclaimed guitarist/singer/songwriter Gary MooreLive At Montreux 2010 strikingly shows a major return-to-rock for the musician who spent years exploring the blues. In fact, in the last days of his life, Moore, who died on February 6 of this year, was working on a new rock album.

What makes this release so compelling is the inclusion of three never-before-released gems, “Days Of Heroes,” “Where Are You Now” and “Oh Wild One,” that he previewed for the Montreux audience and had fully intended to put on the album he was writing and recording at the time. The rest of the set is heavy on the 1980s rock he pioneered solo, as well as his late 60s/70s work with Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy and Skid Row. And, of course, some blues.

Track Listing:


1) Over The Hills And Far Away

2) Military Man

3) Days Of Heroes

4) Where Are You Now?

5) So Far Away/Empty Rooms

6) Oh Wild One

7) Blood Of Emeralds

8) Out In The Fields

9) Walking By Myself

10) Johnny Boy

11) Parisienne Walkways


1) Over The Hills And Far Away

2) Thunder Rising

3) Military Man

4) Days Of Heroes

5) Where Are You Now?

6) So Far Away/Empty Rooms

7) Oh Wild One

8) Blood Of Emeralds

9) Out In The Fields

10) Still Got The Blues

11) Walking By Myself

12) Johnny Boy

13) Parisienne Walkways

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