He's Not the Messiah. He's a Very Naughty Boy.


Look, there's a very basic rule to live by, and I find it makes life much simpler: don't pretend to be or let people call you the Messiah. It doesn't end well for you, for them, for anyone. Everyone loses. And even if you happen to be the Messiah, in so being this would mark your second trip here which would make it your second coming and that signals all sorts of horrible things. So stop it. This is good advice, I hope you're paying attention, because the main character in Son of Morning didn't. He let himself get swept up in a media sensation that declared him the messiah in a very Life of Brian kind of way. Son of Morning descended onto DVD from on high (or wherever) on September 13th, and we've got a copy to give away.

As an environmental catastrophe threatens the world, Phillip Katz (Joseph Cross, Milk, Flags of our Fathers), a stressed-out, lowly copywriter, experiences an episode of stigmata in church and is positioned as the next Messiah by an ambitious reporter, Josephine Tuttle (Heather Graham, The Hangover, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me). Whisked away to a lavish hotel suite as politicians, reporters, and devout fans descend upon him, each hoping to exploit Phillip for their own purposes. After becoming the most famous man on the planet in less than one day, Phillip must decide how to use his newfound celebrity...  

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***Congratulations to Nathalie on winning our Son of Morning DVD Giveaway. Check your e-mail for details.***

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