There's No Patch For Quitting Phonics


For years I couldn't get enough Phonics. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - I had three bumps of phonics with each. I was hooked. My friends and family pleaded with me to kick the habit, but I couldn't. I skipped my own intervention only to jack up in the Linguistics aisle of a Barnes and Noble where I almost OD'ed. It was the lowest point in my life, but I saw it coming--because you don't just start on phonics, it's something you build to. At first it was baby talk, unintelligible gurgles that meant nothing, and eventually I moved up to elaborate gestures. I kept with those for about a year, the high was excellent; but eventually I needed more. One night, a good friend who I'd met in grammar school passed me a Leapfrog DVD. "Phonics Farm" it said. "Farm", eh? It sounded natural, and that can't be bad for you. 30 minutes later I was sounding out letters, the world nothing but a haze around me. I knew I'd never be the same. Phonics was my gateway drug. Reading and writing were just around the corner. And if you were wondering, the picture above perfectly sums up the high of phonics. Such bliss.

Enough about me, let's get your kid hooked. Or literate. We'll settle for literate. To that end, we're giving away the Leapfrog "Phonics Farm" DVD and the 3 Leapfrog DVD Learning Collection. If you want to win it, just keep reading to find out how.

Featuring everyone's favorite puppy pal Scout in his very first starring role,the all-new LeapFrogrelease makes learning phonics even more fun as Scout ventures through a farm filled with extraordinary animals, along with his friends Violet, Eli and Penny. LeapFrog: Phonics Farmintroduces the 26 letters of the alphabet along with the most common sounds those letters make enabling kids to link letters with their respective sounds - a very important learning milestone. Learning is fun again this holiday season as Lionsgate Home Entertainment and leader in educational entertainment, LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., team up to release LeapFrog: 3-DVD LearningCollection + Book this November. The all-new gift set includes the recently released titles The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park, Numbers Ahoy and Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory,plus a bonus bookin one fun package, making it the perfect present for young children!

leapfrog_phonics_dvdFor a chance to win, you just have to do two things...

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