And Olivia Wilde Begat Justin Timberlake...What? Win "In Time"


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Film lets us explore alternate realities, like one where Harrison Ford is hunting down and destroying robots that look like humans or maybe one where Olivia Wilde gives birth to Justin Timberlake but the both of them remain in their physical primes living like every day is their last. Except, because they're mother and son and they are in fact living their last few days relying on paychecks to extend their lives, they aren't doing what every normal person would do if it was their last day alive and they lived with either Justin Timberlake or Olivia Wilde. Because we know what we'd do. But that doesn't happen and instead Justin Timberlake becomes Robin Hood, stealing time from the rich and giving it to the poor. Because time is money, and sometimes idioms can be taken too literally.

In Time hit shelves on January 31st. You could go buy it on Amazon, or you could win a copy on Blu-ray from us. That's also an option.

In the future, time has become the ultimate currency and genetic alteration has allowed people to stop aging at 25 years old.  Upon reaching 25, the countdown begins and in order to stay alive everyone must work to buy themselves more time or die within a year.  The rich can buy their way out of the situation, while the rest are left to negotiate for immortality.  When a struggling young man, Will Salas  (Timberlake), comes in contact with a “millionaire,” he is gifted more time than he can imagine.  Falseley accused of murder, Will is a fugitive on the run and becomes determined to bring down the entire system by any means possible.

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