There are Those Who Call Me "Tim"? Win the second season of his "Life and Times"


His name might be Tim, but no one really ever calls him that, because though we take it for granted, people calling you by your actual name is actually a sign of respect. And Tim doesn't really get any respect, from anyone. That's not a sad thing though, especially when the results are as funny as HBO's The Life and Times of Tim. It doesn't get the buzz that many other animated series get, but it's every bit as deserving. Few shows can serve up such a pitiful protagonist, put him through hell, and make it hilarious as he powerlessly objects to all the unfortunate happenstances that pile on.

It's now in it's third season, so if you want to start getting caught up, you win the second season on DVD from us. To find out how, keep reading.

On the surface, Tim is a typical, twentysomething New Yorker who's looking to get ahead at work, while his on-again, off-again girlfriend Amy just wants him to be normal, like her friends' boyfriends.  But in Tim's world, the simplest everyday decisions get in the way, thanks to his habit of befriending unreliable characters who repeatedly get him into serious trouble.

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