The "Dirty Girl" Giveaway. Yeah, You Heard Us.


We are legally required to inform you that the "Dirty Girl" to which the title of this article refers is a DVD copy of a film, and not an actual person, because that would be wrong. And we simply don't have any in stock. We do have the DVD though, and it's rather good. That's probably because the premise reads something like an overly complicated Reader's Digest joke: So, a slutty teenage Juno Temple, rebelling against her would-be adoptive Mormon stepfather (played by William H. Macy), and a poorly closeted gay teenage boy, who enjoys dancing to the hits of 80s divas, set off on a roadtrip...

The punchline writes itself, yes? Inevitable knee-slapper, right? That's what we said when accused of attempted human trafficking (which is no laughing matter, unlike the above joke premise). That said, do you want to win a copy of Dirty Girl on DVD? Just keep reading.

Dirty Girl is the story of Danielle (Juno Temple), the dirty girl of Norman High School in Norman, Oklahoma, circa 1987.  Her reputation takes an unexpected hit when her misbehavior gets her banished to a remedial class, where she is paired on a parenting project with Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), an innocent closet-case with no friends.  When her mother (Milla Jovovich) announces her engagement to her family-minded boyfriend (William H. Macy), mortified Danielle vows to get to California to find the father she’s never met!  Clarke is desperate to escape being sent to military school by his homophobic dad (Dwight Yoakam) and repressed mom (Mary Steenburgen), prompting the two mismatched misfits to make their getaway: on a cross-country road trip that leads to an unexpected and serendipitous friendship. 

_dirtygirldvd_1328786864For a chance to win, you just have to do two things...

2) Comment on this article telling us your favorite roadtrip movie

This contest ends on March 2nd, 2012. Limit of one entry per person, any violation of that rule will result in disqualification. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Failure to respond to winning notification e-mail within a week will result in forfeiture of the prize and it will be offered to the next runner-up.




***Congratulations to Robyn L Norris, you won JustPressPlay's Dirty Girl DVD giveaway. Check your e-mail for instructions on how to claim your prize.***

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