Music Video Spotlight: You Won't


Starting the music video for You Won't's song "Three Car Garage" with a blitz of home video clips is a perfect fit considering how minimalist the overall feel of the video is, and yet for the rather sparse layering on the track it fits perfectly. This isn't a studio piece that has 14 different samples laid over one another and a super glossy sound, "Three Car Garage" has a troubadour sound to it. It's folksy and resembling something close to Spoon, but even lighter and even less complex. Yet, for such a mellow song, it sure seems like the guys of You Won't have overdosed on caffeine in a spectacular way. It all amounts to feel like the kind of video that two friends in high school would make on a whim with nothing to do on a Saturday in the fall. It's sheer unadulterated self-amusement, while still managing to throw in a little message about the futility of working yourself to insanity to afford the "perfect" life.

Check out You Won't's video for "Three Car Garage" below.

Lex Walker • Editor

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