"Max Payne 3" Trailer Hints at Big Changes in Franchise


Mark Wahlberg might have torpedoed Max Payne's chances of becoming a film franchise, but he can't kill the popularity of Rockstar Games's original third-person shooter. And yet, all is not the same in the house of Payne, because Rockstar has shifted away from developer Remedy Entertainment and has also taken the writing reins out of series creator Sam Lake's hands (by contrast, actor James McCaffrey is returning as Payne's voice). Exactly what that means for the game's quality is uncertain, because those two factors are a huge part of what made Max Payne consistent from one game to the next. This time around Rockstar is doing it all in-house, and handing over the story direction to Dan Houser, whom they've had great success with as the lead writer of their Grand Theft Auto III franchise.With those changes in mind, take a look at the new trailer for Max Payne 3 below, and then, just for comparison, measure it against the trailers for the first two Max Payne games. 

The tone isn't quite as dark; it's still just as cynical, maybe, but the voiceover writing isn't as sharp. Now look at the trailer for Max Payne 2 and notice the remarkable difference in brightness between the two games. Also, the lack of non-engine cinematics in the second game make the trailer look much rougher. It's amazing to think how far the Max Payne franchise will have come in terms of visuals with Max Payne 3.

The same holds true for the Max Payne trailer...

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