"Community" to Return on March 15


Letting us know just how stupid NBC really is, Dan Harmon, the creator of Community, has told the world by tweet that his show will be returning on March 15 -- even though NBC has failed to air any commercials announcing the return of one of their most fan-loved shows. Both NBC and ABC caused quite an upset when they announced they were benching Community and Cougar Town, respectively, and then took their sweet time announcing that the suspensions were only temporary. Cougar Town returned last week, and until today Community was the only one whose fans were left hanging.

Thank you Dan Harmon for putting an end to that. So mark your DVR calendars everyone, because March 15th will be a day of joy. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama proclaims it Community Day (it could still be relevant even after the show fades away). Of course, there is one caveat to this good news.

According to Hitfix, Community's return will mean Parks and Recreation's suspension for five weeks. Parks and Recreation has become one of TV's funniest programs, but if I'm forced to choose, Community wins hands down. For now, at least we have Cougar Town back. A few solid weeks of new Cougar Town followed by a fresh season of Community is a great way to close out the year's first quarter.


Lex Walker • Editor

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