"The Dictator" Responds to Academy Awards Ban


Though it's since been cleared up that Sacha Baron Cohen wasn't so much banned from the Academy Awards for asking if he could show up in character as Admiral General Aladeen from his upcoming film The Dictator, he was told to stay away unless he could practice the self-restraint not to show up in a disruptive manner. If you've ever seen Borat, Bruno, or Da Ali G Show, that's the same as saying "Don't show up in character." Did he ever intend to show up on elephants or camels and ride down the red carpet at the Academy Awards? Who knows. Yes or no this has all been a great publicity stunt, and now it's only gotten better with the Admiral General issuing a rebuke from his throne and demanding he be allowed to attend. So far The Dictator has had some amusing trailers, so it's not surprising that the little video below has a few funny zingers.

Quite honestly I was hesitant to go see another Sacha Baron Cohen film after Bruno, if only because that one was intensely uncomfortable even compared to Borat (mostly because the unwitting victims were so stupid). These trailers and this video have convinced me that Cohen might have another fantastic comedy on his hands, and if the Academy is dumb enough to respond with a public press release, I wouldn't be surprised if there's another fun video by Cohen before the Oscars air on Sunday. Or if they do just cave and decide to let him show (which they should because there's little else entertaining about that awards show), the red carpet pre-show might be worth watching for the first time ever.

Here's hoping Baron gets to go nuts.

Lex Walker • Editor

He's a TV junkie with a penchant for watching the same movie six times in one sitting. If you really want to understand him you need to have grown up on Sgt. Bilko, Alien, Jurassic Park and Five Easy Pieces playing in an infinite loop. Recommend something to him - he'll watch it.


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