"The Amazing Spider-Man" VGA Trailer Shows Mutant Rhino


Will The Amazing Spider-Man video game be the one that breaks the movie-to-video-game curse? There's a huge disparity in quality between video games based on superheroes and those based on superhero films. The latter genre has always been rather horrible, and most gamers just dismiss them outright because they're usually rushed to market with no consideration for controls, graphics, or expanding upon the film's story. Superhero video games, on the other hand, have seen a recent surge with the Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City games setting a new bar, and before that the Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men: Legends cames offering entertaining button mashers.

The new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man video game reveals what the Rhino will look like, and keeping in fashion with the Lizard, it's not just a man in a Rhino suit but a quarter-man three-quarters-rhinoceros hybrid. In that respect, it's kinda cool. The game will be available on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Although the hybrid Rhino is a cool take on the character that easily beats the dumb big man in a suit concept, there are a lot of factors about the game I find unsettling. For one, the graphics seem to be a generation behind. That may be because Beenox hasn't put the finishing touches on yet, or it could be because Beenox is itself a generation behind. We'll see. Also, the posture of some of the characters looks very unnatural and again like it's being copied from an old GTA game.

On the plus side, the seemingly rapid pace of Spidey's movements both in fighting and while webslinging makes it look like it might be able to keep pace with the two non-movie related Spidey games of the last few years. Also, the story appears to go far outside that of the film, which means players might have more than a 6-hour single-player mode. Again, we'll see.

In case you haven't seen the previous trailer, check it out below...

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