Music Video Spotlight: Voltaire Twins


Though twins Jaymes and Tegan Voltaire take eponymous billing in their group, the Voltaire Twins would be nothing without the strong instrumental backing of Jack Doepel and Matt Gio who provide the darker, ominously moody tones the twins' vocals play off of so well. For having cultivated a fantastical sound that lures the listener into a sort of nightmarish but soft trance, the hooks for songs like "Animalia" off their latest EP of the same name stick in your head for days. The echoing "Ooooh"s of "Animalia" will bring you back to the song over and over thanks to their hauntingly beautiful melody. On top of that, the video is just downright eerie with bird-people and singing corpses undergoing surgery.

Check out their music video for "Animalia" below...

Lex Walker • Editor

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