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Eastwood's western masterstroke Unforgiven boasts one of the actor turned director's best forays pulling double duty, and it has the added prestige of winning 4 Academy Awards and featuring great performances by Gene Hackman (who won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar) and Morgan Freeman. It's enough to make you wonder if he'll ever revisit that territory or if the days of Eastwood westerns are over in favor of more contemporary outings like Gran Torino and Million Dollar Baby. If they are, it's a true shame, but his recent output has plenty of merit too, so it's not a total loss. Are you a fan of Eastwood's western oeuvre? If so, you're in luck: we're giving away a copy of the recently released Blu-ray 20th Anniversary Book edition of Unforgiven.

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Unforgiven is a modern classic that “summarizes everything I feel about the Western,” said Eastwood. In this American Film Institute Top-100 American Movies selection, Eastwood and Morgan Freeman play retired outlaws who pick up their guns one last time to collect a bounty offered by the vengeful prostitutes of the remote Wyoming town of Big Whiskey. Richard Harris is an ill-fated killer-for-hire; Hackman is the sly and brutal local sheriff whose brand of law enforcement ranges from unconventional to ruthless.

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