COMIC-CON 2012: Thursday Panels Liveblog Archive


Archive of my realtime updates and photos from the liveblog of the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Thursday panels.

Included on Thursday are panels for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie, Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful, Disney's Wreck-It Ralph, Gore Verbinsky's The Lone Ranger, Jackie Chan's Chinese 12 Zodiac and The Expendables 2.

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50s horror style FRAKENWEENIE trailer is great. This should've been the trailer in theaters.

Burton got the idea for the original short because he did have his dog die. :(

Someone just asked Burton if he's tired of Depp. "There are other actors."

Jedi came here just to ask Tim Burton how Beetlejuice could say "fuck" in a PG movie.

Fan started crying when asking a question. Burton: "When I think of my movies, I cry too. For a number of reasons."

Chris Hardwick and Tim Burton

Horde of Burton fans asking him questions one by one



They showed a montage of Sam Raimi films to welcome him onstage. "Hail to the king, baby."

OZ is the wizard's story. Starting in Kansas as not a nice guy, then gets swept up to Oz.

Saw footage. Movie starts in B&W and 4:3 like the original, then expands. 

Looks CG heavy like Burton's ALICE, honestly.

Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams are the surprise guests.

Kunis thought it was gonna be all green screen when she signed on. "It's not. The sets were built. It's all there."

"The green in Emerald City looks amazing. And this was on set. I can't even imagine what it'll look like in the movie."

Raimi says his car The Classic will cameo in this film too, as part of The Wizard's machinery.

The script took the Wizard parts from the books, put them in chronological order, then made up the betweens.

They're not allowed to use imageries from the original movie. They had to base it only on the books.

Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion will not appear.

Sam Raimi, Michelle Williams and Mila Kunis



Director Rich Moore brought 10 min of the movie! "Well, the actual movie is 11 min long..."

Best part of the footage: Kano fatalities House of the Dead zombie by ripping his heart out.

Skillex is providing the score for the Hero's Duty portion of the movie. Hilarious.

John C Reilly and Sarah Silverman are here.

Question about characters they couldn't get rights to. Moore: "Why would I talk about that mustachiod plumber."

Reilly: "Despite Chris Rock's run about how easy it is to do voice acting, I actually learned a lot." THANK YOU.

Director Rich Moore, Sarah Silverman and John C Reilly



Disney surprised us with LONE RANGER trailer. Hilarious that Tonto gets first billing.

Looks like a Gore Verbinsky film, all right.



Jackie Chan is here! For CZ12. "It's not my last action film. I'm not retiring."

LOL. Jackie Chan to his costar: "Welcome Laura! Laura, introduce yourself."

Why he still does crazy movies himself. "Because no American director hire me to do Spiderman, Batman!"

Developments in stunt technology. "For me, nothing's changed. It's hurting, hurting, hurting."

People tell him to use green screens as wire because it's easier. "Yeah, but I don't know how. I have to do the real thing."

"I think the old days, when I look back at my movies... So stupid. Because I jumped out of real buildings."

"Movies are fun, why risk your life for it? But I do it because you like it, so I do it for you."

CHINESE 12 ZODIAC looks so great!!! Definitely old school Jackie. Stunts, fights, acrobatics, humor. And it's apparently in IMAX.

Jackie says when you join the JC stunt team, all you do is stagehand stuff (move tables, etc) so he can judge your personality first.

Jackie says he looks at choreographing fights like composing music. It's really cool how he demonstrates it.

Asked if there's anyone he hasn't worked with that he wants to: "Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro."

He wants to be like Clint Eastwood when he's old. Still do action movies, but maybe not so physical himself.

"Oh my gosh, I'm such a big fan. I grew up on SHANGHAI KNIGHTS and all that stuff." Hahahaha!

Apparently the message of this film is that ganging up on one guy to fight is cowardly. So you have to fight one by one.

Jackie passed on EXPENDABLES 2 because he's busy with CHINESE 12 ZODIAC. But he loves Stallone and wanted to.

Most challenging thing he did recently was him literally running on an active volcano in CZ12.

His crew wore goggles to keep volcanic ash. He couldn't. Insane.

Guy in a suit made of wheels just demonstrated moves in that thing. Jackie wears it to go down a slope at 120km/h in the movie.

Great no-frills panel. No exclusive trailers, no footages. Just Jackie Chan talking to his fans for an hour.

Jackie Chan

Weird French wheel breakdancing guy that Jackie Chan brought



We are chanting Rocky as Stallone walks out now.

They just showed a cool montage of Sly's career. I hope they made this for Arnold too.

Stallone: "Let's get some male pattern badness and see what happens."

Stallone: doing an action movie, the key is the M word. "Momentum."


Set to dub step. Awesome.

"One of my fellow brothers in the hard R business." Sly introducing Arnie.

Stallone, Arnold, Lundgren, Couture and Crews. How is the stage not flooding sweat?

"Well, I know you've been out of the business for 8 years. So here's how you load a gun again..." Arnold when he came back.

Really, I didn't even like EXPENDABLES but I'm such a big fan of all these guys.

Crews: "I'm from Flint, Michigan. I should be in jail. But here I am on this tags with these guys. This is America."

Crews: "I can die now! Arnold likes my muscles!" Arnold: "I hope you didn't get the wrong idea..."

In the sequel, Bruce Willis' character blackmails Stallone to do a very dangerous mission. They all come together in the end.

Arnie: "When I came to America 44 years ago, Sly was my English teacher. So blame him for my English!"

Stallone: "Good one. Jesus, we should have a spelling bee someday."

At their first meeting back in the 70s, Sly's mother came up to Arnold and said, "You look like a piano mover."

"Thank you for your loyalty." Arnold is such a slick charmer. I guess that's why he was a politician.

Conan cosplayer is doing an Arnold impression to Arnold. This is really hilariously embarrassing.

Stallone answered the three seashells question [From Demolition Man]. "You know how chopsticks work? Nuff said."

Arnold is just randomly quoting lines from his movies now.

Someone addressed his question to "the toughest guy on the panel." Pause as they try to figure out who it is.

Stallone's favorite Arnold movie? "JUNIOR."

Stallone: "TERMINATOR 2 set the standards for many years to come."

Arnold: "Sly is an extraordinary artist. You should see his paintings." Sly gave Arnie one for his b-day.

Stallone: "Here we are, we killed thousands of guys, but we're actually just painters. We're really misunderstood."

Stallone: "The more injuries I get in a film the better it does. Hopefully I get beheaded in the next one."

Yo Aaaadrieeene

Terry Crews flexing on top of a table

Sly and Arnie together. This was a fun panel.

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