COMIC-CON 2012: Friday Panels Liveblog Archive


Archive of my realtime updates and photos from the liveblog of the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Friday panels.

Included on Friday are mostly TV panels for Community, The Legend of Korra, Firefly, Bones, Arrow, a discussion of Powerful Women in Pop Culture, Joss Whedon spotlight, and Breaking Bad.

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"Name another comedy show that killed this many people."

Yvette: "I think Shirley had the purse because I always have my purse."

"I'm from the inner city of Cleveland. You just don't leave your purse."

"Troy and Abed are wired differently. As close as they are, there's bound to be changes in Troy that won't happen in Abed."

They just showed a montage of the cast's favorite scenes. I love this show to death.

New showrunners are talking about taking over. This is going to be a little awkward. 

"It's not just us coming in ad taking over. We're walking into the best cast on television."

Season 4 is going to be an emotional time because it's their senior year of college and they don't know what's going to happen.

We'll see Pierce's mansion and the twisted world he lives in.

Crowd is going crazy when they announced that there will be an Inspector Spacetime convention episode.

Season 3 DVD will have commentary on every episode.

Alison Brie after rapping: "You thought Childish Gambino wasn't gonna be here, but clearly he was represented!"

Danny Pudi is doing the Jehovah's Witness rap and forgetting the lines. Joel chimed in with "That's right, motherfuckers!"

Gillian Jacobs once again Britta'd her thanks to the fans. It's always completely endearing.

They acknowledged the Reddit Hawkthorne project!

Danny Pudi doing Bale impression: "Thank you fans. Thank you Comic-Con. 4 seasons and a porno."

Joel: "Gillian went to a community college. Oh wait that's just Juilliard."

Fan declared love for Gillian. Joel: "Someooone's being followed hoooome."

Fan is wearing an Inspector Spacetime costume (bathrobe). Joel: "Did you steal that from the Hilton?" Actually from Westin.

Writers: "The best thing about Inspector Spacetime is that we don't have to make the show to get the fandom."

Megan Ganz joked to Dan Harmon about Beetlejuice being said twice, so they decided to do the cameo.

Ganz: "We said there's no way anybody's going to notice [the Beetlejuice cameo]. And the next day the video's already on YouTube.



First time they were at Comic-Con, they showed AVATAR pilot in a room of 300 people. Now they're in 4200 with 5000 turned away.

In case you haven't heard, they got picked up for 24 more eps. Total of the series will be 52 eps, divided into 4 books. 

Voice director superstar Andrea Romano is leading the cast in a live table read of some scenes from Book 1. 

Book 2 of KORRA is titled "Spirits," takes place 6 months later.

Book 2 will do more exploring outside Republic City. Season opens in Southern Water Tribe.

Dee Bradley Baker (Tarrlok) and Steve Blum (Amon) are in the audience. They couldn't fit on the stage.

Season is called "Spirits" because there will be a lot of exploring to the Spirit World and the Avatar myth.

They're showing off the new character outfits from the new season. "So you can prepare cosplays for next year."

Asami is a businesswoman now because she took over her father's company.

The new Bumi (no relations to King Bumi) will be a big part of Book 2.

Tenzin and Bumi's sister Kaya is a waterbender hippie.

We'll see more of Korra's family this season.

Apparently Korra was primarily based on Gina Carano. These guys watch MMA. Makes sense.

"Man, I wish we can tell you guys the cast [of the new characters in Book 2]. But we're not allowed to."

This action scene looks badass, but I hate watching animatics. It's not the same without Sound FX.

LOL: "I hate to mention the elephant-rhino in the room, but you're almost bankrupt."

Mako becomes a cop in Book 2. "Not Batman, just a cop." Bolin will be trying to find his way in the world.

Bryan and Mike wrote Book 1 all by themselves. For Book 2, they brought in writers from AVATAR. 

We are being recorded to be the Pro Bending arena audience!

They called on kids to laugh ad there aren't any here. "They were 4 years old when FIREFLY came out, so..." 

(FIREFLY panel is next, is the joke)

Creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko



"Take my land..." Browncoats just went berserk for the theme song.

Standing O all around for the Serenity crew. It sounded like it rivaled the AVENGERS cast intro a couple of years ago.

The Serenity reunion

No shame. People are tearing up here.

Whedon: "We have the best cast I'll ever work with. We also have Alan Tudyk."

Whedon: "I want to tell an American story. American history. But I need spaceships or I'll get cranky."

Fillion: "I'm glad you asked me! ...I can't help but think that I should have been paying more attention to the question."

Adam Baldwin brought the Jayne hat. He [was the one who] asked to wear it in the ep. "Joss isn't here, I'm doing it!"

Baldwin: "This is a perfect hat. This is like a birthday cake in a... Wasteland."

We're having a trivia to give a way an official replica of the hat. The original went for $5000 to charity.

Whedon: "I'm in a bit of a fog. Some of you from last night may know why." He was waking up people camping outside last night at 3AM.

Summer Glau on how to play River: "Remembering what I was like at 17. Which was 2 years before. That's it."

Whedon on Summer: "She is beyond magnetic. I will come with her if I want to live."

Whedon on why he cast Nathan Fillion: "We have to make a compromise at some point."

"Most actors can't convey the enormous gravitas that this clown can."

Looks like everyone on the panel are on the verge of crying. Their voice cracks when they speak. 

Tim Minear: "You remember that time we were off the air for 10 years, and thousands of people went to see us anyway?"

Serenity comics on Dark Horse sell more than Buffy and Hellboy. Shepherd's Tale was DH's best selling hardcover of all time.

Tudyk's sister painted Joss protecting a jar of firefly from evil FOX execs. It's still hanging in Joss' house.

Joss: "[Fans seeing the show late] was never a question. The 27 people who saw it when it aired loved it."

Fillion: "The worst thing that could have happened is if the show died. But it didn't." 

Nathan Fillion brought Mal's gun

Joss: "Can everyone tweet that I said that? I don't want [Fillion] to have the best line."

How the finale would have been different from SERENITY if they knew it was ending: "A lot of things would have been offscreen."

"Also I don't think I would have killed anybody." Tudyk threw his hands up.

"What do the fans mean to you?" The moderator is torturing Whedon with this. TEARS.

Whole audience on their feet for his answer.

Might post the audio for this. There's an insane amount of love in this room right now.

Joss is actually crying in this photo



I'm in the BONES panel, but full disclosure: I have never seen a single episode of this show.

I think David Boreanaz is flirting with the audience.

This whole time I thought her character's name is actually Bones. TIL! Comic-Con!

Was that snark or compliment? You decide! 

Based on this panel discussion, BONES sounds like a James Patterson book.

They're arguing about how to best get a snake through intestines. Stop trying to get me to watch you, show. 

I don't understand half the things David Boreanaz is saying.

Boreanaz: "Wow, that looks like Catwoman!" Fan: "...I am."

Boreanaz just referred to his own character as "his character."

Q: "Is there a chance Max isn't the criminal we're led to believe?" A: "Uh, he's technically a criminal. He's done illegal things."

On VAMPIRE DIARIES: "What is that? Does everyone carry around a diary? I don't get it." 

Boreanaz on why ANGEL got cancelled: "Technically you can't be cancelled if you're not on a real network. It's the WB." What?

I had no idea that David Boreanaz is a crazy person. That made this panel pretty entertaining.

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel



About to watch ARROW pilot. Going dark for an hour.

Well, ARROW was not very good. It was like REVENGE meets BATMAN BEGINS.

Stephen Amell on being Green Arrow: "I always wanted to play a villain. But this'll do for now."

On when the Dinah Lance character will become Black Canary: "Not as soon as you want but sooner than you think."

Same director and DP as SMALLVILLE. No wonder it looks exactly like it. 

Kelly Hu will play villain China White. Show takes a lot from Andy Diggle's YEAR ONE.

Oh, Ollie kills a bunch of people in the pilot. Some DC fans might not like that. Panel says it's more realistic that way.

Amell: "If everything goes well, we're gonna work really hard for the next... Decade."

The cast and crew of ARROW



Women of pop culture panel now. This should be really fun.

Kristin Bauer Van Straten came out wearing Pam's Walmart sweater.

On panel: Kristin Kreuk, Nikki Reed, Sarah Wayne Callies, Anna Torv, Kristin Bauer and Lucy Lawless.

Anna Torv: "For every female lead there are 5 make supporting characters. It'd be nice to even the field a little bit."

Kreuk: "A lot of the roles for women on TV nowadays are fantastic. I don't know if that's true for film."

Callies on WALKING DEAD: "The show is the enemy of vanity." "It's liberating."

Lawless: "Have you noticed how much older women are reigning now on TV? I'm loving it."

Loving the faces of the other panelists when Lucy Lawless described what happened in the SPARTACUS finale.

Callies: "Show's called THE WALKING DEAD. You don't go into it thinking, 'Whoo, 25 years of pension!'"

"Eventually, whether it's 6 months or 6 years, eventually you say goodbye."

Kreuk: "When I think of a strong woman, I don't just think of a woman who can kick people." Word.

Kristin on finally doing a nude scene on TRUE BLOOD: "You know, if I had a month's warning to go to the gym, I'll be fine with it."

"We're all a lot healthier for being on [TRUE BLOOD]. We work out a lot. Eat a lot of vegetables."

Fan asked what the biggest problem facing women is today. Stumped the panel a little, but they're answering.

Kreuk started a production company that's women-focused, wants to start producing, get out of acting at some point.

Lucy Lawless to women who want better representation: "You are no longer powerless."

Great question on female writers on their shows and if they can tell if a script is by a guy or a girl.

Callies says there are great female writers, but not enough female directors. Wants to see that catch up.

Lawless: "Male writers are a little womany anyway." Heh.

Fact: science fiction is the best genre for female characters.

I admire convos about body image issues, really, but it's a bit awkward when the lecture comes from ladies who are FREAKING GORGEOUS.

Very satisfying panel, though. I suspect micro blogging didn't do the answers justice for such discussions.



Dark Horse panel for Joss Whedon. I think most people are here more for Whedon and not the Buffy comics.

Whedon came out wearing a MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING t-shirt.

Finished post on the film 2 days ago!

Whoa, Whedon wrote the score himself. First time he's done that.

"What's it like to work in FOX?" Whedon mimed being in a box.

He's no longer busy so DR HORRIBLE 2 has restarted again finally.

After Comic-Con he's flying straight to London to talk about WASTELANDERS with Warren Ellis.

Whedon on zombies: "I think they're popular because they're fodder. You can kill them and it's OK. In the 80s, that was foreigners."

His take on zombies would be to complicate it. What if there is a cure? Do you still shoot people in the head?

On his fav medium: "I want to write emotional moments. I don't care where."

Whedon's advice to aspiring artists is basically DR HORRIBLE: "Make things, make things, make things. Put it online."

Emma Frost cosplay says she loves ASTONISHING X-MEN. Joss: "If only there was some kind of visual clue..."

I love how varied this panel is. DR HORRIBLE, AVENGERS, BUFFY, CABIN IN THE WOODS, X-MEN... We've got it all!

Joss's been going to Con for a decade, every year wants to buy female hero statue, but can never find one that doesn't look like porn.

Whedon: "It seems really late in the game for there to be NOTHING but cheesecake down there."

Like Fury, Whedon felt there was need for something old fashioned. A summer movie that's still a movie and not a ride. Hence AVENGERS.

If he goes back to FIREFLY, he wants to move forward, so no more Wash (unless flashbacks).

On why he keeps spreading himself thin with so many projects: "I'm just a girl who can't say no."

Plans to do a stage musical? "Of course I do. But here's the thing... I've got too many plans. See above re: spreading myself thin."

Joss on ANT-MAN: "If Edgar Wright does something, I go to see it. I want to go to there."

Black Widow's first scene is the only scene that survived from his first draft. He realizes that's because it's his entire career.

"Look, she's helpless. No, wait, she's kicking ass. That's awwwesome."

Joss says that Kevin from CABIN IN THE WOODS is just a guy with "Kevin" on his t-shirt that murders people.

"Here's the thing about filming in your own house. All people do is mow their lawns, have their dogs barking. Sound was a nightmare."

On socialist ideals and Big Bad corps: "I want to champion the working class b/c they are being destroyed. They are the helpless."

"My life is one endless geek moment!"

"You would have been amused to see me when I met Neal Adams and Bernadette Peters. I could not speak."

Joss just announced that DR HORRIBLE will air on television for the first time next season on The CW.

Joss Whedon just finished entertaining an entire ballroom for 45min with just a mic. How is Kevin Smith the one famous for doing this?

Joss Whedon entertaining a whole crowd all by himself



Awwww shit BREAKING BAD is starting!

Dean Norris came out in a Xena costume. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in meth lab suits. This panel is off to an amazing start.

Vince Gilligan on Walt: "He may get worse."

We're going to see more German subtitles this season... Gonna deal with the parent company Madrigal.

Cranston is defending Walt's decision to poison a kid. "Well, he didn't die! (shrug)"

Jesse was originally going to die in Season 1. Cranston: "Which could still happen!"

Vince: "The brilliance of Walter White is that he came up with all this [plan] himself and it took 7 of us [writers]."

Vince: "This season is about winning."

Vince references Alexander the Great weeping when he conquered the world. Will it be the same for Walt?

A sane person after almost getting his entire family killed would bail. Cranston: "Not Walter White."

Paul: "The tone of the entire season is eerie. It's just creepy." Says it's like Walt's laugh at the end of "Crawlspace."

Season 5 opener is their funniest episode in a long time. There's a weight lifted off Walt's shoulders.

Aaron Paul just teased his line in the opener: "MAGNETS, BITCH!"

Fans are yelling "Bring back Combo!"

Bob Oedenkirk isn't here, but he has the best part in the clip. Walt telling Saul: "We're not done until I say we're done."

I love how Jonathan Banks is just sitting arms crossed at the end of the stage staring around the room.

Cranston: "This teaser Sunday night will be the most revealing teaser BB has ever done." But you won't know what it means.

Sounds like its going to be a flashforward to an unknown time period.

We are booing Dish's tiff with AMC. Cranston: "Change your cable provider right now!"

Even Dr. Don, their chemistry advisor, is here in the audience.

Cranston teased that ep 5 will be the first episode of BB not entirely shot in ABQ. Mod: "Where'd you guys go?" Vince: "Santa Fe."

Cranston: "When you're playing a character like that, you don't judge him. You just play HIM."

On Walt's remaining redeeming quality: "He makes damn good meth."

Vince: Walt becomes less sympathetic with every episode, but he's still interesting. He'll do something reaaaally bad in S5.

Cranston thinks the turning point was actually the pilot. Once you decide to compromise morality, "That's it."

Vince says ep 4, when Walt turned down the money offered to him. He chose the meth then.

A fan asked Vince for his name card. Vince said sure. A lady immediately yelled, "AARON CAN I HAVE YOUR BABY?"

Predictably, all the questions were for Cranston, Gilligan and Paul. But still cool to see the whole cast.

The star and the creator of TV's most intense show

The entire cast of BREAKING BAD

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