COMIC-CON 2012: Saturday Panels Liveblog Archive


Archive of my realtime updates and photos from the liveblog of the San Diego Comic-Con 2012 Saturday panels.

Included on Saturday are heavy hitters like Django Unchained, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, The CampaignMan of Steel, The Hobbit, future Marvel movies and Iron Man 3.

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Christoph Waltz got bigger reaction from crowd than Jamie Foxx, Don Johnson, Walt Goggins and Kerry Washington.

DJANGO has been in QT's head for 13 years. The germ idea was just a slave who became bounty hunter and killed white ppl.

Tarantino says he can't make a movie that's more fucked up than what actually happened during the slavery era.

Foxx in shooting with so many great actors: "Like getting up every morning and going to an All-Star Game."

QT was worried that Foxx being a celeb would get in the way of him being a slave, told him to strip everything away, like ego etc.

Foxx able to grasp the script because he grew up in the south being called a nigger as a kid by grown men. Used it to his advantage.

Waltz: his character doesn't "rescue" Django from slavery. They develop a unique relationship.

Waltz finds it interesting re:spaghetti westerns that Italians brought an American genre, made their own, and now influence Americans.

On how Waltz's character can develop a partnership with a slave: "He doesn't are about other white men."

QT: The old gunfighter teaching a young guy is a classic western trope, all the way to EMPIRE STRIKES BACK with Luke and Yoda.

Waltz has no experience with racism whatsoever growing up. So his juxtaposition with Foxx's life mirrors their characters.

About to see industry scissor reel that's 8 minutes long. But it's just from the first half of the movie.

Execs were worried about it being too long. QT: "If it's good enough for industry, it's good enough for fans."

Yeeeep. Definitely off the chain.

Goggins: "I know the company I'm in. I'm afraid to close my eyes for fear that this is all a dream. This is the coolest."

QT: "The antebellum south was literally like the corporations today. But they weren't corporations, they're families."

QT: Plantation owners were like kings in swashbuckler movies. Their land could be 100 miles long. Their workers are subjects.

QT: "You do realize we have both Crockett and Tubbs in the movie!" I don't think Foxx found that amusing... Heh.

Don Johnson on how he found the voice of his character: "I studied a lot of Foghorn Leghorn."

Kerry Washington's character Broomhilda Von Shaft is named by the German family who owned her.

QT: When writing, he realized his story parallels the German legend of Siegfried rescuing Broomhilda. It's referenced in the film.

They are still one week away from finishing shooting.

Don Johnson and Jonah Hill are part of The Regulators, the pre-Civil War version of the KKK.

QT put a funny scene in about them after writing a piece criticizing BIRTH OF THE NATION and his friends burst out laughing.

QT: Django and Broomhilda Von Shaft's great great great grandchildren is John Shaft.

QT just told a fan in a KILL BILL jumpsuit she looks "damn hot." Fan: "That's going on the blog later."

QT: "I don't do family dramas. I usually do genre." Mod: "That'd be some family."

QT: "I like to write about strong women. I-I really don't know how to do it any other way."

QT understands that Washington's character in this is more damsel than kickass. Unfortunately, "That's just not this story."

Washington: QT writes true characters, not just kickass for the sake of kickass.

Washington: her character "got to be the princess at an era where black women weren't ever afforded the luxury of that fantasy."

QT sent Johnson a care package of Sergio Corbucci movies. "Oh shit I know what he's talking about now!"

Sacha Baron Cohen isn't in the film, they cut out his character. "But he's a great guy, we're gonna do something some other time."

QT: "We'll see you on Christmas!" Way too long. Cannot wait.

Look at this glorious basterd



Missed most of END OF WATCH panel to get my charger at the hotel. Doesn't sound like I missed anything good.

Overheard comment: "David Ayer is such a bro."



Well there was nothing scary at all in that SILENT HILL footage.

The mannequin spider was hilarious and looked like it belonged in a cartoon. The nurses acted like a low-rent Weeping Angel.

This movie is a sequel to the first movie, an adaptation of the game SILENT HILL 3... But also a standalone movie...?

THRONES represent. Kit Harrington and Sean Bean are both in this movie. "He wasn't Jon Snow when I cast him."

They promise that the movie is actually very hard R. "There are some things in it that will really fuck you up."

Bla bla bla it's scary we promise you. I'm not sure I buy any of this junket shit.

Apparently the clips are the safest scenes because "There are some HOBBIT fans [in the crowd.] I don't want to scare them too much."

Universal Studios SILENT HILL Halloween horror night announced. Now that I want to go see.

SILENT HILL was shot in 3D, not post conversion. "My god, what a pain in the arse to do. The cameras are big and unwieldy."

Best fan question: "Is Sean Bean going to die in the movie?" "Yes, but possibly not in the way you'd expect."

Horny cameraman? One fan girl said "I actually came just for you." Screen shows a shot of her crotch.



WB panel: holy crap the screens just expanded. First time I've ever seen this happen.

Chris Hardwick is moderating the WB panel. "This is the juggernaut panel this year."

Hot damn, WB pulled out all the stops this year.

Concept art, behind the scenes, graphics, etc are playing all around the room as the panel is going on.

Guillermo del Toro's first words after coming onstage: "I am shitting in my pants right now, really."

PACIFIC RIM "saved my life. This movie came to me like a big, fat, juicy Christmas gift at a time in my life when I needed it."

"We're going into radio silence after this panel until the movie is out."

Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman just came out. Guess who got biggest cheer.

Guillermo on talking about the movie: "Fuck that let's show some stuff."

In the movie, each giant robot is controlled by 2 pilots. One for left hemisphere and one for right.

PACIFIC RIM looks exactly like you'd hope it would be. A Japanese teenager's wet dream with a Hollywood budget.

Guillermo: "That's just the tip."

Chris Hardwick: "Yes. Hashtag holy shit. That is right."

Guillermo: "We do have rocket punches." "Expect obscene robot porn. Robot on kaijyu action."

There are 9 kaijyu in the film and 6-7 robots.

GDT: "There are some set pieces in here that I don't think have ever been seen on film." What about anime?

Hunnam signed on without seeing a script. He took a leap of faith because it's Guillermo.

Overheard SONS OF ANARCHY fan when Hunnam spoke: "He's not American? Fuck that."

Normally if a kaijyu gets the robot cockpit both pilots die. If one lives, it's a big ordeal to drive alone. It's showed in the film.

GDT: "No fucking motion capture." He doesn't want the robots and monsters to move like humans. They should be like animated.

GDT: Treat the resource with respect. CG should not be used as a shortcut.

GDT to a little kid asking about sea monsters: "You got it. You want sea monsters? Check!" "We got monsters out the wazoo."



By the way, Chris Hardwick is moderating the WB panel in a 10th Doctor costume.

LOL someone shouted that out just as I wrote that.

Fans! Godzilla actually looks like Godzilla and not a bullshit T-Rex. Awesome teaser.

GODZILLA director Gareth Edwards is on stage right now.

The teaser was just shots of destroyed buildings. Cut to black, G roar, then we see him.

Oh and with a voice over narration by Robert Oppenheimer. "Now I become death. The destroyer of worlds."

Design resembles Millennium era Godzilla more than classic Godzilla.

Hardwick: "I love watching grown men act like tweens in a Taylor Swift concert."



Oh shit Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis just came out with a surprise THE CAMPAIGN panel.

Will Ferrell is wearing a Will Ferrell mask that Zach supposedly made so he can go on the floor.

CAMPAIGN extended trailer just made 6500 people roaring in laughter. Hardwick was laughing so hard he was crying.

Galifianakis: "By the way, when you see Will walking around, he loves to stop and chat with people. I fucking hate it."

Ferrell: "San Diego [in ANCHORMAN] is a fictional city, at least when I wrote it. I found out later that it's an actual city."

A local kid just made Will Ferrell laugh by saying, "I'm proud to call a whale's vagina my home."

He asked Will and Zach to deliver a campaign speech in character and they did!

I think Chris Hardwick just accidentally set off his sonic screwdriver in front of the mic.



Zack Snyder is now onstage for the MAN OF STEEL portion of this.

Snyder is still just as bad at public speaking as I remember it.

Snyder: there will be a MAN OF STEEL teaser in front of DARK KNIGHT RISES.

We just saw something else though. Still unsure about this movie, but the tone and music seem spot on. Big, elegiac, inspirational.

Snyder: "Superman is the king daddy of all superheroes, everyone knows that, and making him work is a big deal."

Chris Hardwick had to jump down and console an emotional Superman fan who was crying at the mic. I LOVE COMIC-CON SO MUCH.

Saw trailer again. Gotta say: Cavill looks good as Supes. There's a shot of him w/ eyes closed and chin up that's just very Superman.

Someone asked who would win between this Superman and Nolan's Batman. Come the fuck on. This question, really?

Euhhh. Cavill said his favorite Supes comics are DEATH OF SUPERMAN and RED SON. Meh. That's just me, though.

Snyder trying to be coy about the fact that Zod is the villain. Obviously not working.

Verbal snark smackdown between Hardwick and a buff fan who wants to know about Cavill's training regimen.

The new Superman

I still like this Superman better

Snyder on JLA movie: "We're just trying to get [Superman's] house in order, and then who knows?"



Just saw a video blog entry made just for Comic-Con of the shooting wrapping.

Howard Shore starts recording HOBBIT score with London Philharmonics in 5-6 weeks.

A lot of stuff to like in the HOBBIT scenes we just saw.

Haven't revisited LOTR in a while, but Gollum's CG doesn't seem all that different.

Elijah Wood decided to join us for this panel.

We just saw 12.5 minutes of the movie, by the way.

Peter Jackson will be shooting his obligatory cameo tomorrow when he's back in New Zealand.

On stage: Peter Jackson, Philippa Boyens, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Andy Serkis, Richard Armitage and Elijah Wood.

Pictured: Not Elijah Wood

They created a new female elf character for the film played by Evangeline Lilly. We saw her a bit in the footage.

Freeman: When he's having a bad day wearing his hobbit feet, he looks at the actors playing dwarfs and realizes he's got it easy.

Jackson: Silmarillion owned by Tolkien estate, not MGM/WB, and they don't like these movies, so a movie will probably never be made.

Freeman on pressure: when acting, "You can't think about how Comic-Con is gonna react to how I move this bottle." "You'll go mad."

John Watson or Bilbo Baggins?

Jackson: We write scenes while shooting. "At the end of the day, you end up with a film that's too long."

Jackson: "We're not very good at making short films, unfortunately. It's a skill I never mastered."

They never know what would be in the extended cut until after they finished the theatrical cut.

Serkis was only supposed to come back for 2 weeks to just do a short Gollum scene. Ended up staying 1.5 years to shoot 2nd unit.

Hardwick asked Serkis to do Gollum. He did: "For fuck's sake, do I have to? In front of all these fucking people, precious?" Awesome.

Despite what the name card says, this is actually Peter Jackson



MARVEL time! They started with a video tribute to Hall H panels of Marvel movies from the last 5 years.

Ed Norton was cut out of the HULK panel, heh.

Video ends with "Thank you for making THE AVENGERS the biggest superhero movie of all time. Phase two begins now."

They just announced sequel titles! THOR: THE DARK WORLD and CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER.

"Ed Brubaker's head just exploded right now, wherever he is."

Rocket Raccoon will be in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

Edgar Wright just made a surprise appearance here to talk about ANTMAN again.

ANTMAN has been in dev forever. "I'm taking the Terrence Malick approach to superheroes."

The ANTMAN movie logo

Just saw the test footage action scene Wright shot. If you're worried how a guy who shrinks can be badass on screen, don't worry.

Wright: "Antman will kick your ass one inch at a time."

Costume looks more practical, but recognizably Antman.

Robert Downey Jr came out from the back dancing through the crowd. This motherfucker is Tony Stark for real.

IRON MAN 3 footage looks great. There's a scene in the shop where things go wrong. That's what I love about the first movie.

We see Stark mansion and all the Iron Man armors destroyed. That's what Feige meant when he said they're going back to the "cave."

RDJ on AVENGERS success: "Schawarma sales went up 700%. Good for business."

RDJ is wearing the Iron Man glove this whole panel.

RDJ didn't know what Pepper Potts' rescue suit is. Favreau: "I'll get him a copy. I know exactly what you're talking about."

Shane Black: Great that Favreau is in the movie as an actor because he gets a consultant on set.

Shane Black giving props to Jon Favreau

Shane Black just trash talked SPIDERMAN 3.

RDJ: "This time, Happy Hogan is off the chain. The things he says, it's like SWINGERS at 40."

Favreau: "I feel like a proud father who doesn't have to change the diaper because he's grown up."

RDJ: KISS KISS BANG BANG was his screen test before his screen test as Tony. Favreau wanted him based on it when Marvel wasn't sure.

RDJ's contract with Marvel ends after IRON MAN 3. Future is uncertain. Can't imagine he'd pass on AVENGERS 2, though.

Black: "The secret with Downey is that—and don't tell anybody this, this stays in this room—he IS Tony Stark."

The real life Tony Stark

Downey: "So I'm an asshole?" Black: "A rich asshole."

IRON MAN 3 wont touch on Tony's alcoholism. Downey: "Whaddawegonnado, have a sidebar for 30 days while he goes to Bayford?"

RDJ just initiated 6500 people into singing happy birthday to a fan. I'm pretty sure we got her name wrong.

Best line in footage: "My grandma lives in Manhattan, ok? She jumped out the window because a giant robot snake came out of the sky."

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