Let USB Bane and Batman Reenact "The Dark Knight Rises" On Your Desktop


Maybe you didn't know, but on Friday, as possibly as early as midnight for some of us, the closing installment in Christopher Nolan's Batman saga, The Dark Knight Rises (like you really didn't know), hits theaters. Coincidentally, Mimoco, the makers of customized pop culture-themed USB flash drives, have released The Dark Knight Rises editions of their character USBs with one as Tom Hardy's Bane and the other as Batman (we'll just assume it's Christian Bale's likeness). Instead of moaning about how there's no Commissioner Gordon flash drive or what the downside of letting a full-scale socioeconomic war unfold on your desktop might be, let's focus on the fact that we're giving way one of each to one lucky reader. That's right. You, yes you, can reenact the epic clashes of Batman and Bane on your desktop (either one) in USB form. And, to answer your question nerds: no, the Batman USB drive is not articulated to bend in half.

To find out how you can win the two Mimoco Dark Knight Rises USBs, just keep reading.

To sort of sweeten the deal, just know that the Bane USB drive is a limited edition 2012 San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, and just in case you're curious, this one is number 435 of the 500 available. Both Bane and Batman come with custom The Dark Knight Rises images and wallpapers already on the drive with each having an 8Gb capacity. You may not be able to incite anarchy with it, but I'm pretty sure that guy at Staples will know just how badly you want to bring down the plutocracy when you hand him a Bane USB drive containing that resume you want printed. "No," you'll say, "I'm not looking to join the masses in their insignificant toil for corporate America--I'm looking to liberate them...through any means necessary." Or if you hand him the Batman one I guess it could suggest you're only taking the corporate job so you can afford gadgets and a hobby of vigilantism. Either way, it's win-win.

Boston-based design house Mimoco fuses the art of contemporary characters with the functionality of personal data storage devices and is well known in both the pop-culture driven Art Toy underground and the high-tech electronic world. The MIMOBOT USB flash drive line includes original characters and licenses from Star Wars, Hello Kitty®, and DC Comics™, to pop-artists like Gary Baseman, David Horvath, and FriendsWithYou™. MIMOBOT flash drives are available in up to 64GB capacities, are Mac and Windows compatible, and include preloaded bonus MimoDesk™ content. Learn more at Mimoco.com.

mimobatbaneFor a chance to win, you just have to do two things...

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*** Congrats to Stephen N. (twitter handle @AlienXPhile) on winning our The Dark Knight Rises MIMOCO giveaway. Look for a direct message/ from JustPressPlay in your Twitter inbox for more instructions.***

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