Deadpool Has An Announcement To Make


Marvel's merc with a mouth has again broken the fourth wall to give all of his eager fans a life changing announcement. Over at Deadpool's official website you can hear Deadpool (voiced by famed voice actor Nolan North who recently played Deadpool in the fantastic Marvel vs. Capcom 3) announce his starring role in an all new video game, and hear him talk about a lot of other random things. The game will be produced by High Moon Studios, a studio best known for a forgettable movie tie-in Transformers game, and published by Activision. Read on for more info + the trailer that premiered at Comic-Con.

If the game turns out to be just a simple hack and slasher, it would no doubt upset fans and be a disservice to the character himself. Combining over the top humor and ample amounts of action is what Deadpool has been all about over the years and translating this to the gaming world is bound to a difficult endeavor. To really get a feel of the cult anti-hero, High Moon has brought in longtime Deadpool comic book writer Daniel Way to take care of the script. This, in itself, is big enough news to surely excite fans of the character (unless you, like some, have despised the work Way has done of the book for the past four years).

The fact that you have to verify your age to enter the website is also a sign that the game is probably going to be gunning for an M rating. From the looks of the trailer, High Moon doesn't plan on watering down the game to appeal to a teenage audience. It looks as if the game will be released in December of 2013 on both XBox 360 and PS3. If you head over to you can pre-order the game already, check out some screen shots and even find out the five reasons Wade Wilson enjoys chimichangas so much.

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