Did "Glee" Spoil Part of Its 3rd Season with a PSA?


While I'm sure most of the Glee faithful out there have been following along loyally, there's certainly a large number who also wait for the DVD release or haven't caught up on their DVRs. In any case, a recent Glee-themed PSA released by Fox features a rather climactic cliffhanger from the show involving Dianna Agron's character. Granted, anyone who watched from week to week has already seen its resolution, but it's a rather big twist to include it as a PSA. Unless Fox was trying to prove that PSA's haven't gone totally out of style (and that the FCC hasn't eliminated them as a form of penance for crossing them in some cases) and that people ought to be full caught up on recent TV events so PSAs don't spoil it for them, this move is kind of odd.

So, if you've already watched Glee's 3rd season, check out below for their PSA on the subject of driving and texting (drexting?). Specifically, they're warning you against it, because, well, it's dangerous.

Not to undermine the message of this PSA, but if you are texting while driving, who the hell does it by holding their phone over the passenger seat and not the steering wheel. Or at least somewhere where your vision is centered ahead of you so you can see a huge truck that's about to annihilate your life? I appreciate the message, but having a person text while driving in a way that's counter-intuitive to the way people actually do it when they drive (which they shouldn't) ultimately sabotages the (very good) message.

Also, here are some infographics supporting their message.






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