Tumblr Helps You Choose Your Meth Cooking Style a la "Breaking Bad"

We unabashedly love Breaking Bad, and we're of the many who swear up, down, left, and right that it's the best thing on TV right now bar nothing. Vince Gilligan's drama about Walter White, a chemistry teacher turning to meth cooking to pay for cancer treatment and give his family something to live on once he passes, only to get in much deeper, has had so many twists and turns and evolved immensely as a show from its very first fantastic episode. Breaking Bad has had Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul cooking meth in an RV, a basement, a professional grade lab, and, most recently (spoiler alert), homes tented off for pest control.

To help illustrate the pros and cons of each setting in Breaking Bad, the folks over at Tumblr's Storyboard have assembled four motion gifs about the aforementioned locations. Check them out below.


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