Syfy Needs to Cancel the Decaying "Ghost Hunters" Review

You know as well as I do that were anyone to ever legitimately prove the existence of ghosts that the footage would be all over the news within minutes. It makes you wonder then who is watching Ghost Hunters and genuinely thinks they’ll ever see anything credible. Are there actually people who, at the end of each episode where nothing conclusive is proven, think to themselves that maybe next time Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes will hear more than just ambient noise or see more than shadows when they dart their flashlights back and forth? It’s doubtful. Instead, the real secret of Ghost Hunters’ success is that television is a business and Syfy has decided that a show that costs almost nothing to shoot is preferable to any kind of scripted programming that actually requires skill, effort, and risk.

This explains how we’re at the point where they can release their TV seasons split into volumes, with the latest offering being the second half of their seventh season. Since nothing significant happens in any of these episodes with Jason, Grant, and they’re equally jumpy lackeys exploring “haunted” structures, the only way to tell one apart from the next is by the locations, but after seven seasons even that’s become meaningless. In these episodes they explore a former Hawaiian plantation, a brutal prison, an Elk Lodge, and more. Do they find anything? Not once. Do they insist that natural sounds of the structures they’re in might have supernatural sources? Every single time.

Are they full of shit? Full and overflowing. Syfy, get this decaying piece of garbage off of television and spend your money on something with even the slightest iota of merit. When any show is canceled from Syfy's lineup while this remains, you know that network has lost sight of what quality programming looks like.

DVD Bonus Features

Additional footage from the episodes is the only extra.

"Ghost Hunters: Season 7, Part 2" is on sale October 2, 2012 and is not rated. Fantasy. Directed by Jay Bluemke. Starring Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes.

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