"Ancient Aliens" More Fun Than Informative Review

People have always been fond of speculating on the unknown. From religion and the afterlife to extraterrestrial life, theories on the unknown abound; and the History Channel series Ancient Aliens explores these very theories. However, no matter how many “facts” are shown, it’s important to remember that these are only theories.

Season four starts off with possibly the most relevant topics: Mayan and the Doomsday prophecies. A look at the Mayan ruins reveals many depictions that could be alien life forms. One of the many dubious “authorities” on these alien matters believes that aliens visited the Mayans and ruled them as gods. Under such influence, could their 2012 calendar end date really be when the world ends? Or is it the date that the alien gods will return? (Or is it just when the calendar runs its course and must be reset back to day one?)

The season continues to explore other instances of aliens in our history. Are aliens responsible for tragic earthquakes and tsunamis? Are Da Vinci’s legendary sketches actually inspired by alien technology? Did aliens and dinosaurs coexist? And for fans of huge government conspiracies, the episode “The NASA Connection” purports that the government has had contact with aliens (but have obviously kept it hush-hush).

It can be fun to speculate on alien conspiracies, and the series does its best to make each theory sound legitimate. Despite this, most of the evidence and suggestions by those authorities that are interviewed feel like they are stretching, grasping at any straw that could potentially confirm their theory. It’s easy to sit back and enjoy these crazy episodes—just remember to take everything they say with a grain of salt.


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"Ancient Aliens: Season Four" is on sale November 20, 2012 and is not rated. Documentary. Written by Kody DeShaupe, Kaylan Eggert, Richard Monahan. Starring Robert Clotworthy.

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