"Triad Wars" is a Horrible Excuse for a Martial Arts Bloodbath Review

Martial arts movies can go one of two ways. It can be an intelligent action/adventure with colorful characters and powerful themes of good versus evil or it can be a 2-hour bloodbath with hollow characters, terrible acting and zero plot. The Chinese actioner Triad Wars falls under the latter sad and pathetic category and the results are truly painful to watch. Now out on DVD, this terrible “film” is yours to own so you can relive the pain over and over.

Triad Wars is a ridiculously bad gore fest which follows a fearsome Chinese gang leader who is starting to lose power. He and his goons then engage in a series of graphic battles with a rival gang to regain power. In the movie’s 117 minutes, these gangsters fight to declare who is the most powerful gang in Hong Kong.

Movies like Triad Wars are a disgrace to international cinema. Blood, bad acting and a laughable script are what make this flick a pointless mess. The DVD cover makes a point to highlight that the film’s action choreographer is the same person who worked on far superior films Rush Hour, Shanghai Knights and The Day After Tomorrow. This fact does little to improve on the picture’s quality. It will only make you want to watch any of those movies over this. Triad Wars is a real stinker and watching it is just pure torture. Please just avoid it at all costs.

DVD Bonus Features

There is a making-of Triad Wars featurette, some deleted scenes and a trailer gallery.

"Triad Wars" is on sale October 9, 2012 and is rated R. Action, Crime, Drama. Directed by Dennis Sy Law. Written by Dennis S. Y. Law. Starring Sammo Hung.

Randall Unger • Staff Writer

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