"CSI"'s Got Nothing On "Mannix" Review

"The newspapers said that it was an accident, but I think someone was trying to kill him."

Mike Connors is Mannix.  He’s a private investigator based out of Los Angeles.  He’s your basic good guy.  Without any real personality and an awfully large amount of friends around town (and the world) for a guy that doesn’t seem to get out that much.  Unlike Jim Rockford, Mannix isn’t overly interested his fees even though he lives with plenty of glamour.  What Mannix lives for is running around, taking and giving beatings, and getting to the bottom of things.  He’s pretty good at it, with the occasional help of his assistant Peggy Fair (Gail Fisher) and Lt. Malcolm (Ward Wood).  Most of his work runs him into syndicate (aka mafia) and conspiracies of many kinds.

Mannix (1967-75) is just a fun show.  It’s also rather well made.  The acting is just about terrible, but the camera work is imminently competent.  As far as content is concerned, the stories are entertaining like any mystery.  The writing is pretty light, especially with its humor, but there are moments that are surprisingly dark for the time (like a kidnapper who has serious psychological problems).

In this final season on DVD, the picture is incredibly clear though absent of special features. This is mostly attractive to someone with an emotional connection with the show.  They won’t be disappointed unless they think this was a particularly gritty program.  For those without knowing the show would only find this an empty diversion.  But, then again, so is most prime time television today.  And Mannix is better than CSI whatever and its ilk.  The stories are better and so is the acting.  So, if you like the whodunnits and spend your time on those kinds of shows, you’d do better to collect Mannix (and The Rockford Files while you’re at it) and watch something decent.


There are no special features.

"Mannix The Final Season" is on sale December 4, 2012 and is not rated. Mystery. Directed by Alf Kjellin, Arnold Laven, Bill Bixby, Don McDougall, Harry Harvey Jr, Michael Oherlihy, Paul Krasny, Reza Badiyi. Written by Bruce Geller, Richard Levinson, William Link, Ben Roberts, Shimon Wincelberg, Frank Telford, Karl Tunberg, Bernard C. Schoenfeld, Victor Canning, Alfred Hayes, John Meredyth Lucas, Donn Mullally, Harold Medford, Edward J. Lakso, Robert Pirosh, David P. Harmon, Merwin Gerard, Harold Livingston. Starring Gail Fisher, Mike Connors, Ward Wood.

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