"Camp Fred": Juvenile. Irritating. Plagiaristic. Mediocre. Review

“Iwanappeepee on you, Iwanapeepee on you, Iwanapeepee on all of you.”

Fred (Lucas Cruikshank) is a character that is so annoying that when Fred’s dad (John Cena) inevitably throws him through a table it’s like somebody is scratching an itch. Fred’s got a helium-based voice and the most offensive campy performance outside the 1980’s. Fred wants to go to Camp Superior, but his mom (Siobhan Fallon) signs him up to Camp Iwanapeepee run by Floyd Spunkmeyer (Tom Arnold). It’s a crappy camp that serves gruel and bug juice (made from bugs). Spunkmeyer really wants to win a competition of some kind which they haven’t been able to win in the past years of existence. And, possibly, there’s something weird going on. You know, besides everything.

Cruikshank went onto Youtube and put up a couple of character ideas and in 2008 Fred stuck. He created a Fred channel and by 2009 a million people subscribed to the channel. Then Nickelodeon started making Fred movies and cynergizing him with their other dreadful programming. Camp Fred (2012), directed by Jonathan Judge, is the third Fred film.

Juvenile. Irritating. Plagiaristic. Mediocre. Sometimes I laughed. That’s kind of what hurt the most. The writing from Drew Hancock is occasionally funny, but it’s too silly to actually enjoy. “Time to put on my thinking mustache!” Huh? The weird thing is how good the production values are. 

DVD Bonus Features

“Making Camp: An Inside Look at Camp Fred,” “Camping It Up: Playing His Figgle Horn,” “Cabin Fever: Sizzling Fred,” and trailers.

"Camp Fred" is on sale December 4, 2012 and is not rated. Comedy. Directed by Jonathan Judge. Written by Drew Hancock. Starring Lucas Cruikshank, Tom Arnold.

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