Chick-Flick Love of "Undercover Bridesmaid" is Painfully Obvious Review

There are many emotions that can be immediately elicited by the phrase “A Hallmark Channel Original Movie.” I’d reckon that most of them are along the lines of “dread” and “foreboding” and “a desire to change the channel.” Yet the Hallmark Channel keeps on cranking out more of these less-than-lustrous gems to clutter the airwaves and the discount DVD bins at your local supermarket. Their audience exists and clearly has an appetite for what they do, though why, I cannot begin to fathom.

From the title, Undercover Bridesmaid sounds like it could be a Disney movie starring Hilary Duff circa 2001; yet this film aired in 2012 and stars an adult woman, Brooke Burns, in the title role. Burns plays Tanya, a bitter and jilted bride who despite a successful career in private security can’t seem to stop throwing darts at images of the man who left her at the altar.

Naturally, she is enlisted by her employer to keep an eye on Daisy, an heiress who has been recently targeted by some murderous random notes, by pretending to be one of Daisy’s bridesmaids. Nicole Paggi, who plays Daisy, oozes such sunshine and sweetness that against all logic, this spoiled Southern belle becomes the most likeable person in the film. Meanwhile, Tanya is sharp contrast to the bubbly and cheerful girls around her, to the point of having a hard time doing her job. She looks down upon everyone with such a haughty glare, as though happiness is beneath her, that one prays that she’ll learn to loosen up and have some fun.

That lesson comes in the form of a man, as most of the Hallmark Channel’s lessons seem to do. Jake, a handsome groomsman, helps Tanya get past her bitterness about her failed big day and to treat the people around her like people, rather than just part of her job. The result is as gooey and predictable as one would expect, complete with poor acting, implausible dialogue and a ridiculous ending.

As I previously mentioned, there must be an audience for the Hallmark Channel and its assembly-line film productions. That audience, if it truly exists, will love Undercover Bridesmaid. However, it is unlikely and unworthy to cross over to anything more than a very niche chick-flick audience.

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"Undercover Bridesmaid" is on sale January 15, 2013 and is not rated. Directed by Matthew Diamond. Written by Greg Rossen, Brian Sawyer. Starring Brooke Burns, Justin Baldoni, Nicole Paggi.

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