"World Of Gumball" Remains Suitably "Amazing" Review

I hate how Cartoon Network breaks up their seasons on DVD. It just seems like the most convoluted and absurd way to please fans. Of course, not being naïve, I would never imagine that Cartoon Network would actually want to please their fanbase (especially when they cancel a brilliant show like Sym-bionic Titan), but I digress. Constant double and triple-dips into a season to produce a cohesive DVD set is probably the most annoying thing a network can do to fans looking to complete a series.

Such is the case with The Amazing World of Gumball. The latest DVD release of The Mystery is the second of what apparently encapsulates the entire first season, plus a handful of additional episodes. It doesn’t make much sense, considering the first season was apparently 18 episodes, but these two DVDs combined equal 24. It doesn’t quite compute.

I mentioned in my previous review of the series that this show only gets better as the writing team progresses. I’ve been a fan since day 1, appreciating the more childish approach to comedy over hipster-soaked offerings like Adventure Time and Regular Show, two programs I adore, as well. The Cartoon Network Trifecta of Brilliance? Maybe, just maybe. I’d like to see Gumball get more love than it does, that’s for sure.

On this particular disc, my favorite episode has to be “The Dress,” where Gumball accidentally shrinks his clothes and is forced to wear his mother’s wedding dress to school, where he’s mistaken for a pretty girl. Mistaken gender comedy ensues.

DVD Bonus Features

There is a Character Gallery.

"Amazing World Of Gumball: The Mystery" is on sale January 15, 2013 and is rated tv-y7. Animation. Directed by Mic Graves. Written by Ben Bocquelet, Jon Foster, Mic Graves. Starring Kwesi Boakye.

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