If "Nature" Calls, Don't Answer Review

Success in stand-up comedy is very rare these days. Getting a live audience to chuckle is probably one of the most difficult tasks man has ever faced. Comedian/actor Harland Williams (Halfbaked) is well aware of this fact and that’s why he has chosen a venue where no one is present, the Mojave Desert. In Harland Williams: A Force of Nature, Williams’ only live audience is a cameraman and probably some miscellaneous crew.

Williams’ career is a peculiar one. He’s “acted” in films, most notably in Halfbaked. His goofy comedic style is hit or miss and in A Force of Nature, it is definitely a miss. His jokes are juvenile, talking about bodily functions and whatever else comes across his talentless mind. At less than an hour long, Williams manages to repel audiences even when no one is around. The crew were probably cringing throughout Williams’ entire set.

A Force of Nature is a force of embarrassment. Williams chose the middle of the desert because no reputed comedy club would probably have him. The “jokes” and “observations” Williams makes are pointless, uninspired and unfunny. It’s a truly great thing that there is no live audience to witness this train wreck of a performance. Williams is good in small doses, really small doses. His performance in Halfbaked will stand alone as his finest moment. Harland Williams: A Force of Nature will stand as his worst. Stand-up comedy is tough but it seems as though Williams isn’t even trying. 

DVD Bonus Features

There is only one bonus feature for Harland Williams: A Force of Nature and it is an interview with Williams.

"Harland Williams: A Force of Nature" is on sale January 15, 2013 and is not rated. stand-up-comedy. Directed by Tom Stern. Starring Harland Williams.

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