Can Lifetime Movie Characters Overcome Extremely Minor Differences To Find Love? Review

He’s a little bit country; she’s a little bit classical music. And after an unlikely one-night stand, she becomes pregnant with his child. Such is the setup for this endearing Lifetime drama starring Laura Leighton and Antonio Cupo.

Of course, complications ensue when Nora (Leighton) must obtain a paternity consent form from Jamie (Cupo) so that she can give up the child for adoption. But Jamie is a very busy country music star and doesn’t want to hear from her. Nora endures more trouble at home when her best friend’s marriage falls apart. Now Nora must find a suitable adoptive family for her child, making her quest to obtain Jamie’s signature all that more important.

The acting in this film is on par for other Lifetime TV movies, but Leighton and Cupo have enough chemistry and charm to make it an enjoyable film. And director David Weaver seemed to be relying on just that, because all the technical aspects of the film feel poorly executed (especially the deeply unflattering lighting). The writing, by Rachel Feldman, is engaging, if mostly predictable. Yet by the end of the film you will be surprised to find yourself emotionally invested in these characters.

It may seem strange that a 2007 Lifetime TV movie is just now getting a DVD release, but, when you look at the content of the film, it is clear that this film was oddly ahead of its time. Country music is becoming more popular than ever thanks to Taylor Swift and the TV series Nashville. An expositional reference to Arab sheikhs buying horses was a subplot on this past season of Gossip Girl. Baby adoptions and unconventional families are a trending concept in pop culture. And even Laura Leighton has more exposure now thanks to Pretty Little Liars. If only T-Bone Burnett had written the single that Jamie sings in the film then this could have been a certifiably heartwarming hit.


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"Love Notes" is on sale January 8, 2013 and is not rated. Drama. Directed by David Weaver. Written by Rachel Feldman. Starring Aaron Pearl, Antonio Cupo, Deanna Milligan, Ellie Harvie, John Tench, Laura Leighton, Lenore Zann, Lorena Gale, Nancy Sivak.

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