Danny Glover Can't Stop "Bouquet" From Wilting Review

The Bouquet tells the story of two vastly different sisters: Terri is a driven New York businesswoman, and Mandy is an idealistic co-op worker. Both resent each other for said vast differences, and rarely ever return to home to visit their florist parents, Bonnie and Cecil. However, Terri and Mandy are forced together again when they are brought home by Cecil’s sudden death, and decide to attempt to reconcile their differences in order to save Bonnie’s struggling business.

Executive Producer Danny Glover plays a reverend and family friend, and his scenes are the bright spots in the film--apart from all of the gorgeous flowers, of course. The rest of the ninety-minute running time is filled with familial squabbles that mostly concern Terri’s career. The character of Terri, as played by Kristy Swanson, is most definitely flawed, but from the way the other characters harp on her decision to leave her rural home for a life in the city, you’d think she had committed the highest form of treason.

Terri’s crime is having ambition outside of her local circle, and her character spends the entirety of The Bouquet being criticized for it, and being afraid to tell her family about a new job opportunity awaiting her in New York. The film’s focus on family would not necessarily be a bad thing, except that the script does not allow its characters to have interests outside of family without being insulted, and that just is not practical or fair. There should be a special NA-65 rating for films like this: no adults under the age of 65 should be allowed in the audience, since it is doubtful that anyone younger than the cusp of retirement will enjoy it. I am sure that many older mothers and fathers who resent their children for having flown the coop to live their own lives will watch The Bouquet and see their hopes and dreams reflected back at them--it is possible that your children will come home to live in your house again! And they’ll teach you how to use a computer while they’re at it! However, anyone outside of this narrow age range is likely to be immune to the film's charms. 

To give Terri an extra incentive to stay behind and help run Bonnie’s Bouquets, there is a character in the form of a rugged, handsome, former Boy Scout turned army medic named Sam. He wears a leather jacket, rides a motorcycle, and loves helping the elderly. In other words, he has absolutely no flaws whatsoever, other than that he has already appeared in far too many romance novels and films to be considered interesting or realistic anymore. Sam summarizes The Bouquet as a whole: a frothy fantasy with very little depth, despite having a good heart.

DVD Bonus Features

The DVD includes a making-of featurette.

"The Bouquet" is on sale February 5, 2013 and is not rated. Romance. Directed by Anne Wheeler. Written by Kele McGlohon. Starring Alberta Mayne, Danny Glover, Kristy Swanson.

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