"Cupid" Banks Less on Love and More on Cleavage and Jamie Kennedy's Charm Review

Joely Fisher's epic cleavage is what made this movie for me. Is that too vulgar a way to kick off this review? Alright, nebbish and restrained Jamie Kennedy was somewhat a draw, as well. I don't get the Jamie Kennedy hate. Have we forgotten Scream, ya'll? Stop it. Cut the dude some slack. Also, Joely Fisher's still hot. About an hour into the movie, her hotness is revealed. And there is much rejoicing.

Fisher stars in this Hallmark Channel original as Eve Lovett, a TV talk show host with bad ratings looking for love. When Kennedy shows up looking to help Lovett find love, her world gets turned upside down. Her producer decides that four days of romance-themed shows will help turn around her sagging ratings, Lovett starts to understand what it means to let someone in and fall in love.

The film is like a version of It's A Wonderful Life if George wasn't married to the hottest chick in town and the town was loaded with the most vapid and pretty people imaginable. It's just not good. It's fairly meh. Slightly below meh. I think Fisher and Kennedy deserve better material. I can't believe I just wrote that.

The one aspect I could connect to was the receptionist upset over having to put her beloved dog down. That kind of love, the love for a pet, I can connect to at this point in my life. Losing one of my dogs or my cat would render me comatose, most likely.

I'm not sure who the market is for this movie. Women who have never seen a romantic comedy? Women who have never watched a movie ever? Is it not painfully obvious where this movie is going from the opening five minutes?

DVD Bonus Features

There are none.

"Cupid" is on sale February 15, 2013 and is not rated. Romance. Directed by Ron Oliver. Written by Judd Parkin. Starring Jamie Kennedy, Joely Fisher.

Robert Ottone • Staff Writer

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