"Bath Salt Zombies" Was Clearly Fun to Make and It's Also Enjoyable to Watch Review

It might sound moderately ridiculous to say that there are things to admire about a film titled Bath Salt Zombies, but believe it or not, there are merits to the latest film from prolific comedy-horror jack of all trades Dustin Wayde Mills. Mills is a writer-director-producer-actor-FX artist-composer who has previously cranked out gems with titles like Puppet Monster Massacre and Zombie A-Hole. Knowing that, you can certainly guess what’s coming when you pop Bath Salt Zombies into your DVD player.

The film’s vibe is that of a micro-budget feature written, planned and shot in approximately a week by a group of friends, none of whom are terribly good at what they do but are having a hell of a lot of fun doing it. In it, a group of punk-rock junkies in New York City discover that a particularly potent strand of bath salts, smoked in cigarette form, turn them into violent, flesh-eating monsters.

Many faces are eaten as the zombies wreak havoc upon society, much to the chagrin of the lone DEA officer who recognizes the bath salts epidemic as being dangerous and strives to end it. The result is a chaotic mix of blood, boobs and bad acting, so bad that it goes past “so bad it’s good” and back to very, very bad again. Not only that, the sound is awful, various scenes are overexposed to the point of being blown out, and the editing leaves a great deal to be desired. Yet there are more than enough hilarious and awkward moments in Bath Salt Zombies to get the viewer through the film’s ninety-minute running time with a grin and a guffaw. Everything is gratuitous, from the violence to the bizarrely placed moments of explicit nudity to the animated opening sequence and weird camera tricks that convey enough enthusiasm to almost successfully mask the crew’s lack of conventional filmmaking prowess. The key word, however, is enthusiasm, and Mills and his gang have it in spades. Plus, as someone who has scraped by with next-to-no budget myself and had to find creative solutions in order for my own comedy-horror films to get made, I respect the desire to get your vision on the screen by whatever means necessary. 

Mills most definitely has a creative and twisted mind, and the style of filmmaking he has turned it has already earned him fans on the cult horror circuit. Bath Salt Zombies, while not likely to convert a mass audience, will definitely please those film fans who prefer, say, Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste over Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Ring. And let’s face it, if you’re reading this review at all, then you are probably one of them.

There are no DVD special features.

"Bath Salt Zombies" is on sale February 26, 2013 and is not rated. Horror. Written and directed by Dustin Mills. Starring Brandon Salkil, Ethan Holey, Josh Eal.

Lee Jutton • Staff Writer

Lee attended NYU for Film & TV Production, but she now works mostly in PR. Her primary obsessions in life are Doctor Who, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Arsenal F.C. When not writing about things she's watched, she's running or kickboxing in preparation for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. 


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