"Sushi Girl" Worth The Risk Of Losing Your Lunch Review

Sushi Girl is a (literally) torturous revenge drama in the violent style of Quentin Tarantino—as opposed to the soapy style of Emily Thorne. Six years (five months and seventeen days) after a botched diamond heist, a group of thieving criminals unites for a Last Supper-esque sushi dinner served on the nubile sushi girl Cortney Palm (a la Samantha in the Sex and the City movie). Host and heist leader Duke (Tony Todd) slowly raises the stakes as he tries to uncover the location of those lost diamonds.

The gang of criminals around the table makes for a motley crew. Clean-cut Francis (James Duval sporting Jerry O’Connell hair); fey bitchy Crow (Mark Hamill sporting long, blond hair); and rough-and-tumble brute Max (Andy Mackenzie sporting a Westerosi hairdo) are pitted against each other to torture the diamonds’ whereabouts out of recently paroled Fish (Noah Hathaway—The NeverEnding Story’s own Atreyu), who was the last one known to have possession of them. As Fish feels pain, flashbacks to the heist are triggered, slowly revealing the truth of what happened.

The story development of the film is a slow boil, making it difficult to engage you at first. It also feels claustrophobic with most of the action confined to the Asian-themed dining room. Despite this, you will soon be wondering what exactly happened to those diamonds, willing Fish to confess whatever he knows (especially since a confession would halt the gruesomely graphic torture methods imposed).

Plenty of great (if predictable) plot twists abound, leading up to a very satisfying ending. Despite the queasy torture scenes (all the more sickening in HD), Sushi Girl is a solidly thrilling film (although it may kill your appetite for sushi).

Bonus Features

The surplus of specials include alternate scenes, outtakes, fake Sushi Girl-inspired TV commercials, a poster & promotional image gallery, and trailers. Extensive behind-the-scenes coverage can be found in the intimate featurette “Sushi Girl: A Documentary” along with the producer’s diaries, cast and crew interviews from their international premiere in Montreal, and a photo gallery. The Send the Sages music video Victories and Consequences intercuts shots from the film with the band performing on the movie’s main set. Plus, you can rewatch the film twice with the two different commentaries. The filmmaker commentary features director/co-writer/producer/editor Kern Saxton, co-writer/producer Destin Pfaff, producer Neal Fischer, and producer Suren M. Seron. The cast commentary features Tony Todd, James Duval, Noah Hathaway, Andy Mackenzie, David Dastmalchian, Destin Pfaff, and Kern Saxton.

"Sushi Girl" is on sale February 19, 2013 and is rated R. Drama, Thriller. Directed by Kern Saxton. Written by Kern Saxton, Destin Pfaff. Starring Andy Mackenzie, Cortney Palm, Danny Trejo, David Dastmalchian, James Duval, Jeff Fahey, Mark Hamill, Noah Hathaway, Sonny Chiba, Tony Todd.

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