"Regular Show" Is Anything But Review

For a show that describes itself as “regular,” this program can hardly be considered normal. Regular Show is a well-received Cartoon Network series that began its fourth season in October and chronicles the adventures of two twentysomething slacker friends who work in a park. However, these friends happen to be a Blue Jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby, and their boss happens to be a living gumball machine named Benson. Other characters that populate their world include a ghost with a hand sticking out of its head, a robin who works as a diner waitress, and a green-skinned thug called Muscle Man. This is a surreal world where humans appear to be minorities and nearly anything goes.

In one episode, Mordecai and Rigby battle at a video game with a giant disembodied head from space named Garrett Bobby Ferguson. In another, they accidentally bring their old golf cart to life and find themselves slaves to its adventurous whims, which include getting into a bar fight. Yes, the golf cart gets into a bar fight. The humor is not for little kids but it's not vulgar either; it neatly straddles the line between children’s and adult animated programs and prefers innuendo to obvious gags. The quirky plotlines and outlandish guest characters are more reminiscent to Britain’s bizarre The Mighty Boosh than anything else, and like The Mighty Boosh, it’s not for everyone. Nonetheless, the show’s inventiveness is appreciated in a world that seems to value formula over the fantastical. The zaniness somewhat grating in large doses, so perhaps don’t try to marathon all 16 episodes in this set (taken from throughout the show’s first three seasons). However, in moderate amounts Regular Show is fresh and funny, and anything but what the title may ironically suggest.


The only bonus included with the DVD is a “Party Guest List,” also known as a guide to all of the featured guest characters in the show.

"Regular Show: Party Pack 3" is on sale March 5, 2013 and is rated tv-pg. Animation. Directed by John Infantino. Written by J.G. Quintel et. al.. Starring Jg Quintel, Sam Marin, William Salyers.

Lee Jutton • Staff Writer

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