The Quest of the "Ghost Hunters" is Still Futile, Because Ghosts Still Don't Exist Review

Whether you believe in the paranormal and all that entails or not, you can rest comfortably knowing that you miss absolutely nothing by not watching Ghost Hunters. Even if the show wasn't just a bunch of people stumbling around in the dark jumping at every little creak and bump in the night as they attempt to validate the paycheck the SyFy channel gives them, I'm pretty sure if they ever made a genuine discovery that anyone with a legitimate scientific background deemed credible you'd hear about it on the news. The SyFy channel would then probably run that episode over and over. If there was ever any worthwhile reason to watch this garbage, the world would let you know.

Watching the first half of the eighth season, it's not hard to understand why Ghost Hunters has earned zero credibility in any sense whatsoever. Ghost Hunters has always treated Occam's Razor like a disposable, ignoring the obvious explanations in favor of convoluted fantasies that someday just might validate all the time they've wasted walking through houses at night (which is an arbitrary decision that does nothing but add to atmosphere and make it hard for them to see - after all, the supposed ghost sightings don't always happen at night anyway). None of the methods used here to track the paranormal have any basis in science, none of the people involved have any clue what they're doing, and anyone who watches this for any reason beyond death by television brain lobotomy needs to pick up their remote and realize that just about anything on television is better.

This entire operation has zero purpose beyond offering false consolation to a number of equally deluded property owners hungry for a little bit of time on TV while giving the series' stars a paycheck that would be better spent funding a scripted series of almost any kind. I can't stress it enough: this is the crap that's making America dumber.

For anyone who cares, these are the last episodes with Grant Wilson on the show. The world holds its breath to see if the series will make it without him.

DVD Bonus Features

Deleted footage is the only extra. When you consider the footage that made it into the show is already worthless, what does that say about the stuff that didn't even make that very low standard?

"Ghost Hunters: Season 8, Part 1" is on sale March 19, 2013 and is not rated. Sci-Fi. Directed by Jay Bluemke. Starring Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes.

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