Angus Buchan's "Ordinary People" Are Nothing Special Review

Kicking off in 2003, South African preacher Angus Buchan gathered Christian men and boys to camp at what became the Mighty Men’s Conference. Since then, it has grown, to thousands of eager followers. In 2006, Faith Like Potatoes, a 1988 autobiographical book by Buchan, was made into a film. It followed farmer Buchan’s difficult life journey, until he gives his life to Jesus and supernatural things inspire him to preach the power of prayer to others. 2012’s Angus Buchan’s Ordinary People is a non-sequel follow-up to this film, now focusing on three men heading to the 2009 Mighty Men with life baggage.

Andre (Jaco Muller) hits the bottle too much; John (Anton Dekker) has a career and home life on the skids; Lucky (Lucky Koza) tries to carjack two off-the-clock cops, ironically on their way to the Mighty Men. Directed by a guy with two previous credits in the 1980s, Ordinary People is no Redford masterpiece. Hindered by its own religiosity, which limits any potential audience to Buchan fans alone, the film never develops beyond clichéd tropes of redemption through faith and the literal deus ex machina swooping in to magically end the suffering of the worthy and unworthy alike through Buchan’s warehouse preacher persona.

This movie is obviously for Christian film fans alone; it seems unnecessary to even say so, but why anyone beyond that evangelic demographic would watch this is incomprehensible. Even Christians could do better, perhaps popping in The Blind Side for a dose of Christian goodness that at least has something entertaining in it.

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"Angus Buchan's Ordinary People" is on sale March 19, 2013 and is rated PG13. christian. Written by F.C. Hamman & Piet Smit. Starring Anton Dekker, Jaco Muller, Lucky Koza.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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