Don't Run To "Border Run" Review

The story of a right-wing political journalist who goes after her missing brother in Mexico, the film was apparently inspired by true events, which is interesting. Sharon Stone plays Sofie Talbert, a bulldog TV journalist looking to slam leftist politicians who are "soft" on illegal immigration. Her brother, a relief worker (Billy Zane) goes missing and Talbert heads across the border to find out the truth.

Movies dealing with the Mexican border are always pretty interesting. The Tree Burials of Melquiades Estrada comes to mind. Border Run is a relatively high-gloss flick without much else going for it. Sharon Stone and Billy Zane aren't terrible actors, they just deserve better material. Border Run is a story that deserves better in every regard. Better direction, writing, production value, everything. Stone floats through the movie looking like the ghost of Juliana Margulies. Rocking what looks like a black wig and looking pale as a sheet, Stone is far-removed from the intense sexuality on display in stuff like Total Recall and Basic Instinct

I've always felt bad for Billy Zane. The dude was The Phantom, y'all. He was great in Tombstone, Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight and Titanic, so why has his star faded so much? Relegated to terrible direct-to-video dreck and mid-tier stuff like Border Run, it seems truly unfair to see the dude not on top anymore. Someone cast him as Martian Manhunter in the Justice League movie to get him back to A-list level, please.

I'm a sucker for a "journalist on a mission" story. I'm obsessed with world news, media, even the hyper-local stuff I get to write on a daily basis. News and a good story is something I consistently seek out. I completely understand the desire to seek out and develop a powerful story, where there is one.

But there isn't one in Border Run. Journalistically, Stone's character is driven by her blatant bias against illegal immigration. I understand we all have political views, but when you let your views cloud your judgment and your career, as a journalist, you're worthless to the public, unless you're writing editorial, in which case, you have a platform for your voice and bias. Of course, along the way, Stone's character has a monumental change of heart, seeing those who jump the border between Mexico and the United States in a drastically different light.

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"Border Run" is on sale February 26, 2013 and is rated R. Thriller. Directed by Gabriela Tagliavini. Written by Don Fiebiger, Amy Kolquist. Starring Billy Zane, Sharon Stone.

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