There's Something Offensive About the "Adventures of Bailey" Review

Lassie or Homeward Bound this is not. The third in the Adventures of Bailey series, A Night in Cowtown, will continue to make its fans happy, and bore everyone else. Meant for white Christians living in Texas, the writing is one-dimensional and cartoony dubbed voices clumsily overlaid on images of dogs don’t warrant a scratch behind the ears. The great tragedy is that Hollywood doesn’t make these movies at all anymore, leaving small production companies a window to supply subpar content for desperate families searching for an appropriate kids flick. What happened to the days of Michael J. Fox with Oscar-Winners Sally Field and the peerless Don Ameche as the hilariously heart wrenching trio Chance, Sassy, and Shadow?

Bailey, voiced by Michael Turner, settles into a new home and falls for Trixie, a dog from “the other side of fence.” The cutest little fluffball pup you’ve ever seen is being fostered by Trixie’s family until it’s kidnapped. Bailey and his brother, Duke, come to the rescue through a series of mishaps and, eventually, the credits roll.

It’s hard to tell if the crumby writing is the problem or the low-budget caliber performances and production, or if it’s that all of these factors combine in a monochromatic white Christian town. The box proudly proclaims, “Family Approved,” but it’s so forcefully catering to an audience that might still support segregation or, at the very least, is most interested in a story set in a Caucasian utopia where crucifixes adorn every wall and the good ol’ boys still rustle cattle that one has to wonder how many families it actually cares about. Christian films are truly a disservice to the people they are meant for; they reaffirm every stereotype the rest of us have.  

DVD Bonus Features

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"Adventures of Bailey: A Night in Cowtown" is on sale May 21, 2013 and is not rated. christian. Written by Steve Franke & Liz Franke. Starring Christine Galyean, Frank Mosley, Mark Hanson, Trey Bumpass.

Kyle North • Staff Writer


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