"The Private Life of Deer" is Worth Prying Into Review

If you’re not still reeling from that shocking deer crash on Teen Wolf, then you may be interested in delving into The Private Life of Deer. These somewhat elusive creatures have social rituals and heightened senses we are oblivious to as we hit them with our cars. They live on the fringes of society—literally! Their habitats are on the border between field and forest, the paved road and the wild wood, your backyard and those backwoods. And this PBS documentary highlights the more fascinating aspects of these seemingly common creatures.

Deer are by all accounts blind. They can sense vague shapes and movement but are unable to discern what those shapes may be. To cope, they have heightened hearing and smell—they have stronger olfactory systems than bloodhounds. They have complex social interactions that may seem like ordinary grooming but are actually bonding techniques. And they tend to fight just as much as humans, with not only the bucks butting heads but also the female deer antagonizing each other. Deer really exist in their own world, and we get such a small glimpse into it in real life.

The documentary expands our concept of deer as ecologists and biologists explain how deer operate. Aside from the white-tailed deer on whom much of the documentary focuses, we also get glimpses into the nature of the Key deer (essentially mini white-tailed deer who reside in the Florida Keys) and those near-mythical ghost deer (yes, even deer can be albino).

The great thing about these PBS documentaries is that they are short and sweet and wholly focused on one specific topic. So, if deer intrigue you then what better way to learn all about them (except perhaps reading their Wikipedia page)?

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"The Private Life of Deer" is on sale June 11, 2013 and is not rated. Documentary. Directed by Janet Hess. Written by Rob Goldberg.

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