"Venus and Vegas" is Comically Broke Review

Amateur thieves Eric (Eddie Guerra), Stu (Donald Faison), and Alex (Eddie Kaye Thomas) have bad luck with women and with heists in the comedy film Venus and Vegas. The boys think they’ve found a way to Easy Street when they attempt to rob a Vegas mobster (Jon Polito); but, of course, things go wrong and Alex is taken prisoner. Thus Eric and Stu fumblingly try to rescue their friend while balancing their pathetic girlfriend drama.

Tara (Jaime Pressly) has dumped Eric for another man, yet he keeps trying to get her back—a task that’s complicated by the fact that he’s swooning hard for a mysterious woman (Molly Sims) he meets at the horse tracks. Meanwhile Stu’s girlfriend Kristen (Roselyn Sanchez) has something important to tell him, but he’s too busy keeping his thieving life a secret that he never has time to listen to her. With such a gang of developmentally arrested men, it’s hard to believe these beautiful women would ever be attracted to them.

The film attempts to put a comedic spin on the clichéd mobster films with dry humor and an almost appalling amount of gay jokes (and none of the characters in the film are gay). But the comedic timing in the film always feels off, and the actors sound hollow and uninspired when delivering their lines. Thus the film becomes a wholly unfunny and borderline absurdist romp in the world of gambling and mobsters. And for a film whose title boasts a Vegas locale, there is surprisingly little of the famous Strip used in the film. Instead it is various residential locations where the action of the film unfolds. So if you’re looking for a film about Vegas and women it would be best to avoid this Hangover knockoff.

Blu-ray Bonus Features

The Blu-ray includes a behind-the-scenes featurette done by a crew member who followed the production around with a handheld camera.

"Venus and Vegas" is on sale June 25, 2013 and is rated R. Comedy. Directed by Demian Lichtenstein. Written by Eddie Guerra. Starring Donald Faison, Eddie Guerra, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jaime Pressly, Molly Sims.

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